The Butterfly Foundation by Joseph Ashford Ellis

Most people around Bournemouth know about K4 Global and Joseph Ashford Ellis. He founded the company back in 2014 and currently ranks as one of the top companies in the area. While Ashford proudly boasts his business as he helps other people who were like himself at one time, he has many other passions in life.

Apart from his wife and children, Joseph Ashford Ellis is passionate about life itself. After enduring a rough childhood, he sought happiness in his life and knew that despite losing his parents and other family members, he could achieve great success.

The Butterfly Foundation is yet another one of his passions. The foundation is something Joseph Ashford Ellis founded shortly after K4 Global in Bournemouth. The Foundation was formed after Ashford learned about a boy named Mason White who suffered from EB, a rare genetic disorder.

People with EB live a pretty rough and painful life. This disorder inhibits the production of the proteins that connect the epidermis and dermis, resulting in sores on the skin. The sores carry other risks as well, such as cancers or problems with the esophagus since sores can form on the inside of the mouth.

Through The Butterfly Foundation, Ashford provides an abundance of information, education, and awareness to those dealing with this condition. Financial support is another aspect of the foundation.

One of Ashford’s focuses as a business leader and owner is kindness. He believes that you get what you put out to the world and that if you want great things to happen, you must give them out. And so, The Butterfly Foundation is just one of those efforts that he hopes to promote kindness in this world to know more click here.