Ross Levinsohn is Bringing Needed Change to the Media Industry

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is the CEO of Sports Illustrated and Maven. He has career experience in media, technology and finance. Ross attended the American University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in communications. He has been the CEO of Fox Interactive Media, Guggenheim Digital Media and the Tribune Interactive. He has also been one of CNBC’s on-air contributors and worked for several renowned media brands as an advisor and strategist.

In 2019, Ross became the CEO of Sports Illustrated. Also, during 2019, Authentic Brands Group (ABG) obtained Sports illustrated. Several weeks later, ABG licensed the publication’s digital rights and print to Maven, which is a union featuring more than 300 different media brands. In the summer of 2020, Maven confirmed that Ross Levinsohn would also be its CEO.

Sports Illustrated began releasing magazines in August of 1954. The publication is one of the country’s top magazines. It has been honored with the National Magazine Award two times and featured articles about incredible athletes like Muhammad Ali and Mickey Mantle. While the publication has moved forward with the times by launching a website in 1997, its industry has transformed even more.

Ross Levinsohn is bringing change to the publishing industry by shifting Sports Illustrated away from its previous revenue-based advertising platform to one that features premium memberships. Levinsohn said, “We experienced unprecedented circumstances in 2020. We’re making forward-thinking changes to thrive in a volatile market.”

After ABG took over Sports Illustrated, the publication has experienced a major turnaround. It is profitable once again. Sports Illustrated is seeing its online readership grow. In fact, the website is now bringing in more than 38 million viewers.

Not only has Levinsohn turned things around for Sports Illustrated, but the CEO has also brought change to the media industry. For instance, he is making sure that articles are written by trusted sources. He is also focusing on ways to increase reader loyalty instead of only wooing new subscribers. Levinsohn recommends implementing retention tactics like decreasing prices for long-term subscribers and offering a print-digital bundle. This is causing other media sources to take notice.

With forward-looking people like Ross Levinsohn influencing media, the industry is sure to remain helpful and relevant.