Gary McGaghey – The CFO Now Catalyzes New Ideas and Leads Solution-Finding.

Data-driven decisions and efforts to understand and solve problems can be intelligence-driven solutions. CFOs who can balance trust and purpose can profoundly impact their organizations. A key to successful finance workflows is having a clear understanding of what makes each organization different and having the right tools and technologies to help each of those scenarios.

Data analytics can help CFOs understand and predict business trends, results, and outcomes, which then leads to the need for greater fiscal responsibility in the first place. In addition to understanding how businesses operate, the CFO must also develop an understanding of how technology can be used to improve the performance of businesses.

Gary McGaghey: CFOs can now use their skillset to attract and keep good individuals based on what they believe are their strategic objectives. CFOs have more power now to shape the business model than ever before. They still have a lot to make up for by becoming better partners with their clients and upselling their products and services that will set them apart from their competitors.

Data analytics and data management can help, but CFOs are responsible for managing. Their role is to help their organizations’ teams amass the most data they can learn about, identify opportunities, and act on that data to support marketing and sales.

The CFO is the senior leadership position in a company with the responsibility to manage the budget, make decisions on strategy, and increase enterprise value. The CFO’s role is building trust with stakeholders, making business issues decisions, and increasing enterprise value. The CFO’s responsibilities include building trust with customers, making decisions on top issues, and increasing enterprise value, noted Gary McGaghey.

As CFOs work to build a better understanding of their organizations, seeking out the best skills and training to equip their team with the tools necessary to make insights-based decisions—and then translating that into action on the ground. It’s interesting how they connect with their customers, employees, and society.

As CFOs work to build a more sustainable, prosperous future for their organizations, they must understand their actions’ full range of consequences and take action that strengthens the business models.

CFOs’ responsibilities have evolved to include a greater role in designing and implementing business processes in a more complex and data-driven economy. CFOs’ responsibilities have also increased in expertise, stature, and power.

Gary McGaghey: The role of CFO has grown in recent years as companies have become more complex and the percentage of time spent on average users has increased. The CFO’s role has also changed as the number of data points has decreased in importance. Learn more:

Wes Edens has been Working in the Finance Industry

Wes Edens is the Co-Owner at Aston Villa and Milwaukee Bucks. He is also a financial expert known to have built his wealth in the finance industry. His experience has made him an expert in the field of finances, which he shares with the world through his articles on and other blogs. Wes Edens, founder, and co-owner of New Fortress Energy LLC, was born on February 18, 1957, in Ogden, Utah. He is also a Co-Owner of The Phoenix Suns and serves as Chairman of the Board for Bedrock Detroit. Edens is also Chairman and CEO of Fortress Investment Group LLC and was a Partner at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc from 1987 to 1994.

1. Education

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1979. He also holds an MBA from Harvard University in 1983.

2. Career

Edens has been working in the finance industry since 1984 when he left his partner at Lehman Brothers and went on to form Fortress Investment Group with two other partners. The three invested $100 million each and founded the firm in a basement in New York City. Edens was then responsible for raising $650 million from investors. He has since served as the Co-Chief Executive Officer at Fortress for nearly 20 years and Chairman of the Board for about ten years.

3. Awards

Wes Edens is the founder of New Fortress Energy LLC, which owns most of Detroit’s downtown development. He is also the owner of Phoenix Suns and Bedrock Detroit, which is responsible for rebuilding Detroit, Michigan. Edens was rated as one of “America’s Top 100 Most Powerful CEOs” in 2010 by Forbes. He has been ranked first in the “Top 40 Under 40” list for people under 40 years old for five consecutive years from 2009-2014.

Eden’s business ventures have involved him as a great businessman. He is known to have a lot of respect in the financial industry, which has made him very much sought after.

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Marwan Kheireddine Shares Ways He Feels Lebanon Can Improve Its Ailing Economy

Marwan Kheireddine says that Lebanon is facing one of the worst economic crises since World War II. But there is hope for the country even after the pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war left the country’s economy on its death bed. The Lebanese banker and thought leader, Marwan Kheireddine, notes that the country has vast resources, but reforms are essential in making the economy run again. According to him, it is time for the country to explore all available options to bring the economy back to normal.

More details are available on Marwan Kheireddines’s Twitter:

Where Did the Crisis Start?

The economic crisis the country is facing started a long time ago, according to Kheireddine. However, it was the pandemic that ballooned the crisis and the prices of basic commodities started rising to unaffordable levels for many people. A blast that destroyed a major grain silo and killed about 220 people later added to the crisis. As the pandemic eased, the Ukraine-Russia war started and the economy has never been stable again. This is the main reason why the pandemic and the war affected the country this much. These challenges, he feels, can be corrected. Lebanon imports close to 85% of all consumer goods.

Reforms to Support the Private Sector, the Youth and Technology Adoption

Kheireddine says that the private sector has always supported the country’s economy significantly. The government needs to enable the private sector and start by paying their debt to the financial system and quash the unconstitutional agreement with the IMF to protect depositors. Next, Kheireddine suggests that the government needs to support the youth and the education system. Since his days as a finance professor, Marwan Kheireddine feels that education can change the country and the youth have the potential to bring the vibrancy needed in the manufacturing industry. Lastly, he feels that the country needs to adopt technology to thrive as a global economy.


Abrdn career development online community and platform ( offers useful information on a wide range of topics all related to careers, career development, and work-life balance. Members are able to learn about their personal brand, history of their industry, discover job leads or expand their network through our forums and newsletters.

Abrdn’s goal is to equip its members with the necessary tools for future careers by providing them insight into what is involved in a particular profession that they are interested in pursuing as well as advice from professionals in those industries who have already been through it themselves.

Abrdn has been featured in several publications and websites including: “BizJoul” (, “Career Builder Blog” (, “The Pulse” ( and “ChangeHuddle” (

Abrdn’s goal is to empower its members with the necessary tools for future careers by providing them insight into what is involved in a particular profession they are interested in pursuing.

Abrdn was founded in 2008 by Roberta Jamieson, Zachary Villegas and Beau Joines who all served on the board of directors. The domain has been registered since early 2009 and the website launched in October 2009. In 2010, Abrdn began an internship program that recruited high school students from CareersNetwork, Inc., a Chicago-based non-profit organization that provides career training for middle and high school students through its University of Chicago Connection Program (UCCP) . The program recruits students to receive initial training on career development, discipline-based analysis, resume writing, and behavioral interview skills before they are placed in paid internships and full-time jobs. In 2011, Abrdn partnered with the William F. Buckley Jr. Program at Yale University to expand its internship program .

Abrdn has been featured in several publications and websites.

In 2009, Abrdn partnered with ( to create a site that applicants can use to search for opportunities and learn more about the companies that have jobs which interest them. In 2011, Abrdn also partnered with CareerBuilder ( to create a careers board on their website .

In 2011, Abrdn launched as an additional portal for members to gain more information about their professions at different stages of the life cycle: from students to professionals, parents, etc… More details are available on Instagram

Wasseem Boraie and Sam Boraie Named Top ROI Influencers

Wasseem Boraie and Sam Boraie have been named the Top ROI Influencers by the Financial Advisor Innovation Awards. The top award shows that financial advisors are working hard to help their clients take advantage of technology and using these experts as role models. Wasseem Boraie is a partner at McKinsey & Company, an advisor to JPMorgan Chase & Co., and a lecturer at Harvard Business School. He believes that everyone should be able to quickly access good financial information online and in large quantities. They greatly appreciate the innovation of these advisors and recognize them as a great resource in this regard. This award is one of the many that they have won over the years. They have also been named a Public Company Media Mentor by CNBC in 2006, Market Prospector of 2005 by Deltek Software Corporation, and Silver Anvil Award Winner from The Franklin Institute in 2008.

  1. Social Involvement

Wasseem and Sam Boraie have been very involved in the community. They both have done countless fundraising events for different charities. These charities include the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Kravis Center For The Performing Arts, the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County, and The Natural Resource Defense Council. Some fundraising events were 5Ks, marathons, tennis tournaments, and golf outings. In 2014 they were honored by the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce award for “Community Involvement. “They have contributed to many different organizations and have been honored by the City of Delray Beach for their work in the community. They have also donated their time and resources to the Boy Scouts.

  1. Corporate and Personal Relationships

Specifically, as a part of McKinsey & Company, Wasseem has helped JPMorgan Chase & Co. increase their profits and ROI. Sam Boraie is also a partner at McKinsey & Company and has worked with Goldman Sachs to improve operational performance. Both financial advisors work on behalf of their clients to help them expand and make more profit, even when it means changing how they do business. They’ve also worked with different companies to restructure their businesses by changing how they assemble products and hire people.

Their success has been attributed to their relationships with different companies. They have collaborated and worked closely with other companies through McKinsey & Company and have also done this outside of the company. They have worked closely with companies including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and CIT Group Inc. These companies are all significant financial industry companies. They have taken the time to work with these companies and guide them in improving. They do this through the consulting service that McKinsey & Company offers.

Josh Garza

Josh Garza is a self-made man.

He is best known as the founder of GAW Miners and ZenMiner but has carved his own path in cryptocurrency.

His story has been compared to that of Mark “Bonham” Stevens, a legend in the MLM and digital currency circles who also started with nothing and built an empire from scratch.

Further reading: Josh Garza: A Bonham Disciple Carves His Own Path | Modern Drummer Magazine

Garza’s success can be attributed to his pure talent, perseverance, relentless drive, crucial timing, and self-confidence.

Here, we will discuss how Josh Garza started and how he is starting to branch out in new directions.

  1. Determination

By the time he was 19, Josh Garza had already made a name for himself in cryptocurrency. As a popular speaker at various events, he instantly became a leader in the community.

In his early 20s, Garza spent more time traveling and speaking to audiences than making money as an online entrepreneur.

Garza’s self-confidence and drive have made him one of the most successful and influential figures in modern cryptocurrency.

  1. Timing

Garza was already well-established in the cryptocurrency community by the time Bitcoin had become a household name.

People were interested in mining and making money with cryptocurrency, just as Garza had been doing for years.

By this time, he had already developed valuable connections in the digital currency world, which is crucial for any entrepreneur.

  1. Vision

With his drive, talent, and vision, Garza took his company from a startup to a multimillion-dollar conglomerate in just three years.

His ability to foresee the possibilities of emerging technologies and understand new markets gave his company a huge edge in the field.

  1. Helping others

Garza’s altruistic side began to show when he helped new MLM companies launch their coins and tokens.

The first coin he helped develop was “global boost,” which marks Garza’s first steps into the world of digital currencies; later, these coins would be rebranded as GAW Miners Hashlets.

Garza was just an ordinary man who made his fortune by working hard and doing what he loved.

He spent years of his life working to promote cryptocurrency and make it a part of everyday life.

Now he is taking those connections and skills to the next level by branching out into the digital currency world, the blockchain industry, and other aspects of modern technology.

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Utilizing SMS Campaigns and SMS Reminders to Attract Holiday Shoppers to Your Business This Year

Mitto is an SMS gateway that facilitates the explicit sending of SMS campaigns and reminders to a company’s customers. Businesses can use their SMS API to incorporate SMS messaging into their existing systems. This facilitates businesses to send targeted campaigns and timely reminders to the appropriate customers.


As the holiday shopping season approaches, businesses must develop innovative and effective customer acquisition strategies. During the holiday shopping season, using SMS campaigns and reminders is one approach that can be taken to drive customers to shop from your stores. Due to the high open and response rates of SMS messages, they are an effective method for contacting customers. Using Mitto’s SMS gateway, businesses can easily create and send SMS campaigns to their entire customer list. These campaigns can send personalized messages to specific customer segments or the entire customer list.

SMS reminders are an additional fantastic tool for maintaining customer engagement and enticing customers to return to your business. Whether it’s a reminder about a sale, the launch of a new product, or a special event, SMS reminders can help ensure that your customers don’t forget about your company. With Mitto’s SMS API, businesses can easily stay in the minds of their customers by setting up reminders to be sent at the ideal moment.


Mitto’s SMS gateway and SMS API are helpful tools for businesses that want to retain customers and attract holiday shoppers, as they enable companies to send text messages. When businesses utilize SMS campaigns and reminders, they can reach their customers and engage with them quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively, learn more about Mitto.

Diogo Corona Discusses How Technology Is Transforming Businesses

Technology is rapidly changing how businesses operate, and one of the most influential players in this revolution is Diogo Corona, the president of TotalPass. With his innovative leadership, Diogo has successfully guided the company to the forefront of the tech industry, driving the development of the latest technologies and revolutionizing how businesses interact with their customers. He has been able to identify and capitalize on new opportunities in the ever-evolving technological landscape, allowing TotalPass to remain competitive and stay ahead of the game. His efforts have led to significant advancements in how businesses use technology to improve customer experience and increase efficiency. Diogo is shaping the impact of technology in business and setting a new standard for the industry.

Diogo Corona has a deep understanding of the role of technology in business. Corona understands that technology has the power to solve business challenges and improve the way people work. He understands that technology has the potential to change the way people work and the way businesses are run. Technology has the potential to change the way people interact with each other. It can change how people consume information by providing them with new ways of accessing information and creating new sources of information. Corona understands that technology has the power to improve productivity and efficiency, which can help a business save money. He understands that technology has the potential to change the way people create value for themselves, their organizations, and their customers by providing new ways of working that were not previously possible.

Throughout his career, the CEO of TotalPass, Diogo Corona, has brought innovative tools and strategies to the business technology market. Corona’s leadership has transformed how businesses use technology to reach their full potential. Corona has a wealth of knowledge and experience in successful business technology implementation. He has a unique perspective on how technology can create better experiences and improve efficiency. Corona is passionate about using technology to help companies reach their full potential. He recognizes the importance of using practical, scalable, and measurable tools to drive business change and for more click@Com TotalPass, a SmartFit quer estar em forma também na saúde mental

The Butterfly Foundation by Joseph Ashford Ellis

Most people around Bournemouth know about K4 Global and Joseph Ashford Ellis. He founded the company back in 2014 and currently ranks as one of the top companies in the area. While Ashford proudly boasts his business as he helps other people who were like himself at one time, he has many other passions in life.

Apart from his wife and children, Joseph Ashford Ellis is passionate about life itself. After enduring a rough childhood, he sought happiness in his life and knew that despite losing his parents and other family members, he could achieve great success.

The Butterfly Foundation is yet another one of his passions. The foundation is something Joseph Ashford Ellis founded shortly after K4 Global in Bournemouth. The Foundation was formed after Ashford learned about a boy named Mason White who suffered from EB, a rare genetic disorder.

People with EB live a pretty rough and painful life. This disorder inhibits the production of the proteins that connect the epidermis and dermis, resulting in sores on the skin. The sores carry other risks as well, such as cancers or problems with the esophagus since sores can form on the inside of the mouth.

Through The Butterfly Foundation, Ashford provides an abundance of information, education, and awareness to those dealing with this condition. Financial support is another aspect of the foundation.

One of Ashford’s focuses as a business leader and owner is kindness. He believes that you get what you put out to the world and that if you want great things to happen, you must give them out. And so, The Butterfly Foundation is just one of those efforts that he hopes to promote kindness in this world to know more click here.

Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus, an Australian business owner and the head of his consulting firm, understands the challenges inherent in getting a new company off the ground.

It is difficult enough to run a business in today’s market, let alone one that is also profitable.

By the time he was 25 years old, Lazarus had launched and successfully run four separate businesses.

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After only eight years, he had sold all four firms and retired wealthy at the young age of 33.

Luke Lazarus, however, did not think this was a viable choice.

Instead of enjoying his wealth for himself, Lazarus chose to use it to aid other business owners and entrepreneurs who were having trouble making ends meet.

Over twenty years ago, this is how he established himself in the Sydney business world with Luke Lazarus Consulting.

Lazarus has always been entrepreneurial.

He owned and operated his enterprises from age eight till high school graduation.

After high school, colleges and universities in Australia and the U.S. wanted to recruit Lazarus. Lazarus got his MBA from Melbourne Business School (MBA).

He passed down many jobs offers to create businesses.

Talent and effort aren’t the issues.

Instead, he says entrepreneurs’ biggest blind spot does not realize they can’t execute every business activity.

He promotes outsourcing since it frees business owners’ time to expand their companies.

Lazarus is known as a brutally honest, caring, and competent consultant in Melbourne and Sydney.

After helping customers find the optimal company plan, he encourages them to pursue V.C. and angel investor investment.

Luke Lazarus uses an IPO or acquisition methodology to assure his consultancy clients’ maximum possible value.

He emphasizes branding and how it helps his clients generate revenue quickly.

Lazarus also helps struggling firms turn around with his effective tactics.

Lazarus uses social media to educate, spotlight transactions, and support entrepreneurs.

Luke Lazarus appreciates balance despite his business success.

He rarely deviates from his morning fitness program and dog walk.

Lazarus values time with friends and giving back to the community.

Luke Lazarus grew up and went to college in Melbourne before launching his consulting firm in Sydney.

He appreciates giving back to the communities that have supported him.

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