Gordonstoun: The History of a Scottish School that is On Course to Be an International Institution

The school of Gordonstoun has a long and interesting history that is now being celebrated in an exhibition at the National Library of Scotland.

The exhibition tells the story of the school from its earliest days when it was founded by Sir Robert Gordon in 1638, to today, when it’s one of the most eminent schools in Britain.

If you are interested in finding out more about this illustrious institution or are considering sending your child there for their education then be sure to visit!

The exhibition begins with the story of Robert Gordon, a celebrated Scottish minister, and scholar, who founded the school in 1638.

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It charts the history of the school through its highs and lows such as when it was moved from Gordonstoun to Elgin in 1790 due to financial difficulty before being re-established by Prince Albert at its present location in 1934.

The school’s illustrious alumni are also featured, with Walter Raleigh as one of the most well-known former pupils.

It was originally King James VI who knighted him for his role in bringing the True Cross to Britain after it had been captured by the Crusaders.

Another former pupil is the Queen Mother who attended Gordonstoun when it was in Moray.

The exhibition also explores the school’s royal connections, including the fact that both Queen Victoria and her son King Edward VII wanted their children to be educated there.

King George VI was himself a Gordonstoun pupil during World War I before sending his two sons, David and Charles, to the school.

The exhibition also includes a letter from Prince Philip to his mother, Princess Alice, which demonstrates the affection that they had for each other.

The exhibition will be open until the end of February.

There are also talks by former alumni coming up which might be of interest to many people who are thinking about sending their children there.

Learn more about Gordonstoun: https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/19240637.gordonstoun-prince-philip-honoured-schools-pupils/