Randy Douthit: Awards He Has Won and His Future with Upcoming Shows

Randy DouthitRandy is known for his work with Judge Judy’s TV shows, The People’s Court, and America’s Got Talent. Also, many of his awards are due to his talent for working on different comedy sketches that he has produced over the years. Randy started in Savannah College of Art and Design, where he majored in television production in December of 1987. He moved on to make different commercials by the name Merchant, Douthit, and Kline for 12 years which did very well. He later shifted his work towards animation, then eventually moving into more reality-based TV shows that he had always wanted to do.

The Judge Judy show started in 1996 and has been on the air ever since. Randy Douthit has been the executive producer for it ever since. On The Peoples Court, he was one of the producers that worked with Judge Milian to start this reality show from 1999 until 2002. America’s Got Talent is also one of the well-known works he has produced since 2006, where several different panel judges judge people’s talent.

Randy DouthitRandy is an executive producer for a new show that he will be starting in September of 2018 called “Hot Bench.” The show has three-panel judges like the old America’s Got Talent and will air roughly around the same time, but it features three judges instead of one. The show’s name comes from there being different judges on different weeks than three judges that alternate.

Randy Douthit has won several awards in his collections, including three Emmy Awards, one for the outstanding reality-competition program for America’s Got Talent. The second award he won was the same type, but it was for an outstanding reality presiding program due to America’s Got Talent. He also received an Emmy Award for being an outstanding host in reality or reality-competition shows due to his work on America’s Got Talent and hosting the show. The other awards he has won were for Judge Judy, including a Golden Apple Award and a TV Guide Award.