Ron Gutman Achievements

About Ron Gutman

Ron Gutman is co-initiator and co-CEO of the health technology firm, Intrivo. The company was among the first to acquire a special endorsement by the FDA to generate, sell and provide quick at-home COVID-19 tests and assisted numerous individuals in living happier, safer, and healthier lives. 


He is an originator, a proficient serial technology and international healthcare entrepreneur, a stakeholder, and a Stanford Adjunct Instructor. He is a top discoverer of health technology inventions holding a chain of awaiting charters. Ron Gutman is also an International Economic Forum Technology Innovator, and the technology created received various awards and acknowledgements.


Donation of over $1M in COVID-19 tests in Ukraine

COVID-19 diagnostic inventor Intrivo offered testing supplies worth more than $1 million to devastated Ukrainian healthcare facilities. The supplies included On/Go quick test kits, hardware, and software for hospitals and healthcare amenities in Ukraine. Ron Gutman collaborated with local administrations and NGOs through the On/Go for Good humanitarian initiative.


Ron Gutman explains that this initiative aims to drive the procedure of conveying supplies. Intrivo co-CEO Ron Gutman personally conveyed the supplies, and the exercise was one of the most challenging initiatives they had undertaken.


Intrivo Achievements

Internationally, Intrivo has served federal and state administrations, entertainment locations, prominent retailers, healthcare schemes, great bosses and cruise lines, families, and individuals through Ron’s leadership. 

The company has distributed numerous FDA-accredited COVID-19 tests internationally, attaining various FDA and additional approvals across different markets. Ron Gutman finally states that the company has supported its greater patent-pending know-how to assist individual health administrators and many users in gaining healthy well-being.