Career while attending classes in college: Edgard Corona

Smart Fit is one of the largest companies dedicated to fitness in the South American market, with CEO Edgard Corona pushing forward in making it a very prominent business wherever he goes. It’s his contributions that led to his role as one of the central figures in the country’s stock exchange. Edgard is often considered one of the most adaptable individuals in the market, given his history of changing how he works as well as his own methods of tackling a post-pandemic market.

Edgard Corona began his career while attending classes in college. In his five years of attending college, he took advantage of kickstarting his future by creating clothes before creating his own company with its own dedicated stores. Up until the mid-1990s, he ran a family business that he later retired from as he shifted focus to a new series of gyms in Santo Amaro with the Bio Ritmo brand. Edgard Corona used his new gym company as a way to help him understand how to run a business of his own while learning from his past mistakes as he continued growing.

With growing influence in the market, it led to his new gym model in the form of Smart Fit; founded in 2008, it served as a spiritual successor to Bio Ritmo. It included a modern mindset of balancing high quality with low cost as well as keeping the environment simple yet clean with employee engagement to boot. Even today, Edgard Corona is commended for how he adapts to change, as he chose to stop any plans of expansion while handling both revenue issues and restrictions for nearly a year. Edgard would later focus on cash management with initial struggles before succeeding in obtaining an extension for his financial liability after cutting expenses down.