CashFX: A Platform for Every Forex Trader

The company is centered on ensuring that forex trading is available to all people, no matter their account size.

CashFX offers a proprietary trading platform with its currency exchange so that users can trade with each other at prices they set, not market prices.

All transactions are executed peer-to-peer and settled instantaneously in US dollars, eliminating the need to go through a traditional forex broker who would take a fee on every transaction.

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Leveraging on technology, CashFX provides an efficient trading platform and equips its traders with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that offers a single selection window that displays market depth and quotes from other traders.

Instead of dealing with multiple third parties, CashFX allows its users to trade directly with each other at their prices.

The platform is peer-to-peer and almost instantaneous; it drastically reduces transaction costs.

With various languages to choose from, traders’ understanding of the markets will be improved.

CashFX also provides many educational tools for beginners that can help them know what is happening in the market and why, so they can make more informed decisions when trading.

The professional team behind the platform offers clients diverse help concerning forex trading. Its support team researches and answers clients’ questions daily.

Learn about forex trading with CashFX at any time.

CashFX is the first company globally to provide direct access to forex trading.

All accounts are secured and are protected by advanced encryption methods.

Every transaction is handled instantly and in real-time, so you can easily trade with other market participants.

CashFX is a digital currency exchange that provides an unending currency exchange service.

As a result, traders can buy and sell cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world, anywhere in the world.

An experience with CashFX is the same as doing business with a bank, but that is why Forex trading is so popular.

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 Brandon Taubman: A Renowned Expert In Data Science

Brandon Taubman’s leadership positions have changed severally ranging from real estate portfolio, sports, and banking management. Taubman is just known to be driven by data throughout his life, right from a young age. Brandon Taubman was always intrigued by how theories concerning numbers worked and their relationship to the trending world patterns. Several industries had a high demand for making decisions backed up by data models at that time. Taubman took this challenge and embarked on a profession that involved making a balance between speculation and data.

Taubman worked for a variety of firms, especially in valuing complicated credit. His roles in these firms demanded a depth amount of predictive analytics and modeling that would account for management for the portfolio. Taubman greatly excelled when it came to factoring in various market forces in an economy that keeps on changing from time to time. Brandon Taubman has always shown great interest in baseball and its one of the things that excite him as well. He even applied his analytic skills to create a baseball fantasy with his friends. His interest in baseball made him grab a job to work for a professional team. He began working for Houston Astros, and with time, his excellent work started getting noticed. The company felt the impact he had brought and consequently he earned titles. In 2017, the company, Houston Astros won the World Series Championship.

Based on his skills concerning applied analytics, Taubman decided to make a mark on the commercial real estate industry. When he compared Stablewood with the other places he had worked for, like Houston, Stablewood seemed to stand out in making blending skills concerning real estate and advanced analytics. For matters concerning data-based decisions, Brandon Taubman has established a solid career. With the great experience, Taubman has brought a significant impact to Stablewood.

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Don Manifold’s Success over the Years

Don Manifold is very popular in Adelaide and other cities worldwide. He is a trained professional with a degree from one of the most reputable universities in Australia. Manifold is a household name in the business industry because of his contribution to making the industry better. For example, he advises companies before mergers acquisitions and their investments in different industries.

Don has helped numerous companies from different industries for over 15 years. That has earned him a lot of respect in the industry, especially because he has advised on more business deals than many other professionals who offer similar services. He has also c and valuations when he has been in the industry.

Manifold lived and worked in London for several years before returning to Adelaide, where he works today. During this time, Don Manifold advised companies handing transactions in different countries.

Don’s company, Manifold Advisory Partners, provides independent and practical advice to different entrepreneurs. He offers his advice in board meetings he attends as a member or chairperson. Manifold currently chairs the advisory boards of several private companies. Many firms trust Don because of his years of expertise in merger negotiations. Besides, many company leaders prefer to work with him because of his outstanding achievements when working with different firms.

Don Manifold Advisory is one of the most reputable companies globally. It has continued gaining a good reputation since Don assumed its leadership several years ago. Since then, the firm has worked with some of the most respected companies in Australia and other countries.

Many firms request Don Manifold to chair their advisory boards because they believe that their businesses will realize better results after getting his guidance. Don is always happy to assist entrepreneurs that seek his advice. That is why he decided to invest in a consultancy firm to help him assist more businesses.

 Brandon Taubman: A Guru in Data Analytics

Brandon Taubman, a renowned and established entrepreneur and businessman, has reached greater heights in his career endeavors because of the discipline and determination he has always portrayed. He has expanded his portfolio, focusing on banking management, sports, and real estate. Since Taubman’s early days as a child, he has always been motivated by data analytics to work towards his goals.

The fame and popularity of Brandon Taubman have been spearheaded by several factors; the vast skills he has in data science, analytics, and advanced technology. These have enabled him to make wise decisions that have positively impacted his growth and success in career endeavors. Brandon has worked as an expert in data science and analytics, improving his skills and professionalism in the area. Based on him, his success has been spearheaded by many factors besides data analytics and resilience. Focus and patience are key. It took Brandon years before venturing into entrepreneurship. Earlier, he was working at Wall Street and Baseball Diamond firms, tasked with overseeing major firm operations.

Brandon Taubman is a university graduate with a degree in Applied Economics Management. He developed a passion for data analytics and numbers because he believed this would help him make the right decisions. At that moment, Brandon was playing a significant role at Barclays Investment Bank and Ernst & Young. It’s the hard work and determination to record exemplary results that got Taubman promoted to the position of vice president within the bank.

By integrating data analytics in the sporting sector it has helped add fun to the sector. Major League Baseball first implemented the technology. Data analytics has streamlined the decision-making process and made it more accurate. With data analytics, challenges facing the real estate sector have been done away with, and companies are experiencing tremendous growth. Read articles here:

Bobby Kotick: Reflection on Activison's Growth

Activision Blizzard is a video game publisher known to make popular games such as Candy Crush, Guitar Hero, Crash Bandicoot, and Overwatch. The company has a market value of about $ 70.9 billion. To add, the company employs over 10,000 people.

Despite a mixed trading session for the market on December 28 of last year, Activision Blizzard still managed to have a successful stock day. On this day, Activision Blizzard, Inc. shares increased 1.86% to $66.67. Despite the S& P index falling by 0.10% to 4,786.35. Market Watch reports that the company’s stock outperformed some of its competitors. The company surpassed its 50-day average volume of 12.0 million by 1.5 million.

Bobby Kotick is the President of Activision Blizzard. The University of Michigan alumni has more than three decades of experience in the gaming empire; Kotick has the longest history of any CEO in a video game company. Kotick recalls how he felt that he would have had more control of his vocation was he the developer. He, however, admits that working with Electronic Arts in the 80s drove him to start his own company.

Kotick recalls the humble beginning of his company and how they needed to sell furniture and aluminum cans to pay bills. He recognizes his employee’s dedication as one of the factors that helped in the company’s growth.

Kotick believes love and passion for one’s vocation and liking your colleagues have also helped in his career. He believes that while he has 30 years of working in Activision blizzard, he does have 40 years of experience in creating software. He believes that were it not for the love of what he is doing. He would have opted to do something else.

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Hotelier Andrew Lazarus Buys Beach Hotel Merewether

Andrew Lazarus, a Sydney hotelier, has reportedly bought the iconic Beath Hotel Mereweather.

Previously owned by Bale and Twohill families, the hotel may have cost a fortune of up to twenty million dollars.

The Andrew Lazarus family has operated in the hospitality industry for a long time.

They have the upper hand in the hotel management business.

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During one of his previous interviews with The Newcastle Herald, Lazarus expressed his desire to buy the prestigious hotel.

He revealed that he had interests for a while.

The Lazarus family is best suited to take over the management duties.

This is due to their thirty-year experience in hotel management.

Thus, Beach Hotel Merewether will be a portfolio asset managed under the family’s Eastern Hotel Groups brand.

There are other investments under this portfolio like Shoal Bay Country Club, The Eastern, The Exchange Hotel, The Exchange Hotel.

Others are Hamilton, The Vauxhall Inn, Granville, the El Toro Hotel & Motor Inn, and Warwick Farm.

Peter Lazarus is the current director of Eastern Hotel Group.

He comes with a high reputation in the industry.

Having played a significant role in Shoal Bay Country Club renovation.

He is confident of a smooth transition of ownership.

Moore Real Estate’s marketers poised the luxurious hotel as a ‘Newcastle Trophy Asset.

The hotel deserves the hype due to its precise location.

It faces the beach not far away from Newcastle City Center.

The hotel is also famous for its popular circa 1946 structure.

Its 1858sqm Art Deco styling appeals to all art lovers giving the hole a serene outward look.

The family is contemplating a complete refurbishment.

But this will be subject to protocol and consultation with the locals.

The previous owner, John Twohill, said that this was not an easy decision.

He had to do it for the hotel’s best interest as he has run the asset for over three decades.

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Kfir Gavrieli – The Co-Founder And CEO Of Tieks

Born and raised in Israel, Kfir Gavrieli is a product and technology enthusiast with a passion for helping social startups and small businesses grow their ideas into reality. Having previously worked with startups and technology companies in Israel and the U.S., he is passionate about social entrepreneurship and helping social causes achieve their goals.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Tieks, a footwear brand that creates and sells one-of-a-kind ballet flats, known for their comfort, quality, and foldable design. Tieks is one of the first fashion retailers to sell their product exclusively online, without any brick-and-mortar stores. 

Kfir explains that the most challenging part of starting a business is finding your product market and learning to deal with the lack of demand. It’s a process of trial and error, but the bottom line is: if you don’t try, you won’t succeed.

What’s particularly challenging about the concept of social entrepreneurship is that people often assume that you’re looking for a market to sell. As you prepare to launch your business, you must be extremely careful about your market research. For example, you can’t just assume that all athletes want to wear casual clothing, you must target a certain subsect of this audience. 

Who is Kfir?

Kfir Gavrieli is a social enterprise entrepreneur, specializing in stylish, high-quality, and versatile footwear. Kfir is an avid athlete and loves to participate in outdoor activities, namely surfing and hiking. His favorite activities include traveling, socializing with friends and family, supporting philanthropic initiatives, and visiting his homeland Israel.

What were the most challenging parts of starting your business?

The most challenging part about starting a business is finding your product market and learning to deal with the concept of lack of demand. It’s a process of trial and error, but the bottom line is that if you don’t try, you won’t succeed.

What’s particularly challenging about the concept of social entrepreneurship is that people often assume that you’re looking for a market to sell. 

You have to be extremely careful about your market research as you are about to launch your business. For example, you can’t just assume that all athletes want to wear casual clothing. It’s also imperative to innovate, be creative in your approach to marketing, and listen to your customer or potential customer carefully when looking to do something different or better.


Reaching your goals requires hard work, determination, and an unwavering focus on the long term. You can’t just sit back and wait for inspiration to strike, because this is very unlikely. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for more information.

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Ryan Bishti: A Successful Broad Business Portfolio

Ryan Bishti is a successful entrepreneur who knows how to manage a broad business portfolio. He has started and operated several businesses in a wide variety of industries, and has learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t. In this article, we will explore Ryan’s business successes and take a look at the lessons he has learned along the way.


One of Ryan’s most successful businesses is his online marketing company. This business provides valuable online marketing services to small businesses all over the world. Ryan Bishti has been able to grow this business by offering high-quality services at a fair price. He has also been able to attract a large number of customers by creating a great team of marketing experts.


In addition to his online marketing business, Ryan also owns a transportation company. This business provides reliable and affordable transportation services to businesses and individuals in the local area. Ryan Bishti has been able to grow this business by offering great customer service and by keeping his prices competitive.


Ryan Bishti also owns a construction company. This business provides high-quality construction services to businesses and individuals in the local area. Ryan Bishti has been able to grow this business by attracting a large number of customers through word-of-mouth marketing.


Ryan Bishti is also the owner of a retail store that specializes in wedding. He has also started and operated businesses in the real estate, automotive, and retail industries, and each of these businesses has been successful. Ryan has learned a great deal about business management and marketing over the years, and he has applied this knowledge to his businesses. This has helped him to achieve success in a wide variety of industries.


In conclusion, Ryan Bishti is a successful entrepreneur who knows how to manage a broad business portfolio. 


Rachel Nichols: ESPN’s Talk Show Host, Talks About Work, Life, And More

Rachel Nichols is the host of ESPN’s “The Jump” show. She has had an extensive career in sports journalism and has worked for major networks such as CNN and ESPN. Recently, she sat down with Marie Claire to talk about her work, life, and more.

In this interview, Nichols reveals what it was like to start her career in a male-dominated field and how Rachel Nichols has managed to succeed despite the challenges she has faced. She also discusses the importance of being yourself in the workplace and advice for aspiring journalists.

When asked about the challenges she has faced as a woman in sports journalism, Rachel Nichols had this to say: “The biggest challenge I faced early on was that there were very few women in the industry and even fewer who were in positions of power.

So, you often felt like you were starting from scratch every time you moved to a new job or you were the only woman in the room. It can be tough to feel like you constantly have to prove yourself.” However, Nichols has not let these challenges stop her from achieving success. She has used them as motivation to work even harder and achieve even more.

In addition to discussing her career, Rachel Nichols also shared some advice for aspiring journalists. She urged young people to “be themselves” and never try to be someone they’re not. “The most successful journalists I know are the ones who have found their voice and aren’t afraid to use it,” Nichols said. “It’s also important to be curious and ask lots of questions.

The best stories come from digging deep and exploring all angles.” Rachel Nichols has had a successful career in sports journalism, and her advice offers young people a roadmap to follow to achieve their dreams. Her words are an inspiration and show that anything is possible if you work hard and stay true to yourself. See this article for additional information


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About IM Academy

In 2013, IM Academy was founded by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre, independent entrepreneurs and Forex experts. IM Academy is a managed educational service that provides special educational training on developing students’ proficiencies regarding specific relevant financial markets and strategies, strategies that improve business platforms by increasing the value of a company or a country’s activity.

These strategic design values and immediate adjustments for future entrepreneurial activities rather than applying arbitrary knowledge obtained in the process of learning. The success of this formula has led the Academy to become the go-to intercultural platform for educational incentives, actively advancing in several states around the world since 2013.

Their Products

IM Academy offers several related products and services: academic and complimentary online courses, briefings that entail the presentation of available information, a wide variety of additional special educational material on technical analysis, and consultation services to individual entrepreneurs wishing to design their business strategies. It consists of video modules where student subscribers learn how forex trading works. The main focus of these modules is to double and multiply the return from activities. The main objective is to develop entrepreneurs that have marketable and usable knowledge.

The four IM learning academies are; FRX Academy, HFX Academy, DCX Academy, and ECX Academy. They were created to train investors in forex, the stock market, and other markets. Chris believes that a great life begins when a boy learns how to realize his dreams. He must learn early on to arouse and manifest them. Therefore, it is not sufficient to dream. He must go beyond the dream if he wants it to come true. This motto is used in all IM Academy’s educational programs.

Sales Strategy and Business Opportunities

The IM Academy sells its products and services through independent sales representatives who work as IBOs. It is important to understand that these IBOs are compensated on a commission-only basis, meaning they are not their employee. Follow this page on Twitter, for additional information


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