Luke Lazarus Consulting

Luke Lazarus is an Australian entrepreneur and founder of the start-up company H&K Ventures Pty Ltd. His company was established in 2009 and was created to meet the needs of individuals looking for an alternative investment.

H&K Ventures is a fund management company that aims to provide investors a chance to become part of the entrepreneurial and financial sectors.

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H&K Ventures Pty Ltd is a share trading service specializing in short-term investments.

Mr. Lazarus’ vision is to offer this service to ordinary people who cannot invest through traditional methods like a bank or fund manager due to a lack of available capital or more demanding requirements for entry.

Luke grew up in Wauchope, New South Wales, and attended Wauchope Public School and Wauchope High School. He attended the University of Sydney, majoring in Business and Economics.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree before moving to the USA to complete an MBA at Florida International University.

Luke began his entrepreneurial journey with a long-term plan of going into finance. Still, after seeing how difficult it was for ordinary people to access capital, he decided to find another way.

H&K Ventures was born.

With no experience in the finance or investment industries, Luke did extensive research on both markets and invested in some businesses over the years.

By looking at both sides of the coin, he learned how to find great companies willing to take risks by giving access to capital to otherwise un-profitable ventures.

He felt this experience would be invaluable when he returned from America and started H&K Ventures Pty Ltd.

Luke Lazarus has achieved many milestones in his career, such as attending Australia’s elite global leadership program, ‘the Coach,’ and becoming a member of the exclusive Westfield Group.

He has also been interviewed by international media, CNN, CNBC, and many more.

Mr. Lazarus received the Financial Services Council’s Australian Small Business of the Year award in 2011.

Luke was officially named CEO in 2010 and is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs.

In his free time, Luke enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoying music and movies. He also loves to travel.

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 What One Needs to Become a Successful CFO- Gary McGaghey

Gary is an international chartered management accountant. He serves as a CFO and private equities expert at Williams Lea Tag. He supervises the private equity firm’s M&A, working capital cash flow management, balance sheet refinancing, cost restructuring, divestitures, and carve-outs. Here are five things he believes makes a successful CFO!

  1. Anticipate the Unanticipated

The firm’s finance team knowledge and capabilities, relationship with the bank, performance, processes, or systems might be far from what the CFOs expected. Thus, Garry recommends that the Chief Financial Officers get to grips with the firm and recognize the challenges to prioritize before taking action.

  1. Respond Quickly

He claims that if an organization requires a change, the Chief Financial Officer should be ready for it. If the firm is demonstrating good performance, the officer can create new programs to elicit further growth.

  1. Ask Lots of Questions

Gary believes externally recruited CFOs should be willing to learn about the firm and its processes, people, and systems. They should ask lots of questions, including those that may seem obvious or silly. This will allow them to identify the problems that were previously ignored or unnoticed.

  1. Build Relationships

Gary argues that building relationships can help the CFOs. This will allow them to know the expectations of the senior management team, CEO, and stakeholders. He adds that the CFOs should identify their mentors during their early days in the company.

  1. Build a Strong Finance Team

Gary suggests that the new Chief Financial Officers should prioritize building a financial team and understand the team’s issues, competencies, and responsibilities. This will allow them to identify individuals they can depend on to support them in areas of need.

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 Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Marwan Kheireddine: Golden Leadership Secrets

Marwan Kheireddine AM Bank’s chairman and a Lebanese banker, believes in embracing a “leaderful” approach to managing people. Kheireddine shares his top leadership secrets with you so that you can become a more effective leader in your own life and career.

Support Your Team

.1. Take care of your people. Kheireddine says it’s important to take care of your team physically and mentally. He recommends spending time with your team, listening to them, and providing regular feedback. Additionally, he stresses the importance of creating a positive work environment where employees feel appreciated and respected.

  1. Inspire your team. One way to inspire your team is to provide clear goals and objectives, which will help them know what they’re working towards. Kheireddine recommends setting high standards for yourself and your team members and holding them accountable.

Be Transparent

Marwan Kheireddine served in Lebanon as the Minister of the state, where he learned a lot about being transparent as a leader, including:

  1. Being transparent and open to feedback. As a leader, Kheireddine asserts that transparency about your goals and how you’re working towards them is important. And be willing to accept feedback—even negative—from your team members. This will help them better understand your vision and stay motivated when working on projects together.
  2. Communicating effectively with your team. When it comes to communication, make sure you’re clear and concise. This will help your team members understand what you want them to do and why it’s important. And don’t forget to give them regular performance updates so they know how they’re doing.

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Marwan Kheireddine discusses the importance of building good relationships with your team and transparency to create a successful business. After reading this article, I think you will better understand how to lead a successful team and succeed in your business endeavors.

Randy Douthit

Randy DouthitRandy Douthit is an American Executive Producer with credits on Judge Judy, NCIS, and many more TV shows. His show “Dirty Jobs” was a massive hit on Discovery Channel and is considered by many to be one of the most popular shows ever aired on the network. He has also produced “Garage Rehab,” an edgy DIY home renovation show centered on fixing houses in Detroit’s rough inner-city neighborhoods. These two documentaries are what somewhat led to him becoming part of a controversial documentary about the Guantanamo Bay detention facility entitled The Newburgh Sting, which Douthit directed and produced in 2007.

According to Randy Douthit: “When I was doing research for another film back in 2001, I stumbled across some exciting footage that gave me pause. I was shocked at what was displayed in Guantanamo Bay, and I wanted to tell people about it. It seemed like the only way I could get this information out was through filmmaking, so I contacted Michael Moore (producer of Bowling for Columbine) to ask him if I could make a documentary about what we’d found”.

The Newburgh sting is an American documentary film directed by Randy Douthit, produced by Douthit, and directed by him. The film details the U.S. Justice Department’s investigation into a series of crimes based on entrapment. The film focuses on a group of Newburgh, New York, men who had been plotting to bomb synagogues and shoot down military aircraft to kill the United States service members. The plot was uncovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The film was published online on the Internet Movie Database on January 22, 2008.

Randy DouthitThe story’s protagonists are two sisters, Kate and Madame Olenska, who come from impoverished backgrounds. The more attractive sister, Kate, marries a wealthy man, Newland Archer. Initially smitten with his pretty young wife, Kate is increasingly unhappy as she discovers that his social circle is superficial and male-oriented.

Ultimately, their marriage breaks up, and Newland Archer moves away from the city to start a new life with another woman. Significantly, Tarcher was based on Henry James, who in real life was not only gay but had several relationships with men, including one with the poet Oscar Wilde which ended in scandal when Wilde was arrested for homosexual offenses in 1895


Jessica Dean_DOBS

Dean & Associates, LLP is a law firm representing clients in complex civil litigation matters, including class action lawsuits, mass tort litigation, and consumer protection cases. The firm has been involved in some of the most significant and complex litigation matters in the United States, including the Toyota Unintended Acceleration Litigation, the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Litigation, and the Volkswagen “Clean Diesel” Emissions Litigation.


Jessica Dean attorney is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School. She began her legal career as a law clerk for Judge Avern Cohn of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. She then worked as an attorney at the Miller, Canfield, Paddock, and Stone law firm in Detroit, Michigan.


In addition to her work as an attorney, Jessica Dean is also a businesswoman. She is the co-founder and CEO of the online legal document preparation company This has earned her so much money and prestige. 


Jessica Dean has been highly successful in her career as an attorney. She has been recognized as one of the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by The National Trial Lawyers and has been selected for inclusion in the “Super Lawyers” list by Thomson Reuters. She has also been named one of the “Most Influential Black Lawyers” by Ebony Magazine. In addition to her work as an attorney, Jessica Dean is also a successful businesswoman


Due to her great success, Jessica Dean attorney has been able to give back to her community through her philanthropic work. Dean has served on the board of directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan. She has also made significant donations to these organizations.


Justin Halladay

Justin Halladay is the President of JJ3B, a leading provider of innovative business solutions.

He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has been instrumental in JJ3B’s success.

Under Justin’s leadership, JJ3B has become a top-tier provider of business solutions and has helped countless businesses achieve their goals.

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Justin is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant recognized as an expert in business innovation.

Justin Halladay has over 15 years of experience in business development, educating, developing national sales, and coming up with customer support teams.

Justin has a proven track record in the industry and has been sought out by many businesses for his expertise.

Justin has taken JJ3B to the top tier in its field by providing excellent customer service, developing innovative products, and expanding its reach to new markets.

Halladay has over fifteen years of experience in marketing, branding, and advertising.

He has worked with some of the world’s largest companies, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle, and Unilever.

In addition to his corporate work, Halladay is a well-known public speaker and has given TEDx talks on branding and marketing.

As the president of JJ3B, Justin Halladay oversees a team of over 50 marketing, design, and digital experts.

JJ3B has also been recognized as one of the top agencies in the world by The Drum and AdWeek.

Under Halladay’s leadership, JJ3B has won numerous awards, including a Gold Effie, a Silver Clio, and two Bronze Lions at the Cannes Lions International Festival JJ3B is a global agency that offers its clients a wide range of services, from traditional marketing and advertising to digital and social media marketing.

According to him, Tech, media, and society are always in a state of change; if you don’t change with it, you become obsolete.

He also believes consistency is critical, and that’s why he has worked with some of the same clients for over ten years. Halladay is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

He has spoken about the importance of diversity at various conferences, including the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the Advertising Week New York.

Justin Halladay is also a member of the Catalyst CEO Champions For Change, a group of over 50 CEOs committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Doug Haynes

DoughFor executive adviser Doug Haynes, the human aspect is just as important as the technical side. Throughout his management consultancy career, Haynes emphasizes the value of building good working relationships with his high-level clients.

Making the transition to being a consultant was easy for Doug Haynes, given his technological skills. His education also helped him enter the business world. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from West Virginia University with a Mechanical Engineering Degree, Haynes worked in various engineering and software development positions before shifting into management consulting.

In his twenty-two-year tenure at McKinsey, Doug Haynes worked with executives worldwide. He also embraced the company culture, becoming an active member of this intellectual community. Although he enjoyed working on challenging assignments, he realized that his ability to build meaningful relationships enabled him to thrive.

To the degree Douglas Haynes was successful, he credited his achievements to two guiding principles – both from his father: Be diligent and do the work in front of you to your full potential every day, and Work with people or companies that have integrity. The first principle helps keep him focused on the present reality, not his dreams of what might happen later, and the second principle reminds him to only associate himself with positive people who make life better.

Haynes readily admits that technological innovations have enabled seamless remote work opportunities. Yet, he appreciates the personal connections that result from meeting business associates in person. “I appreciate the technology and change in a work culture that enables work from home, but it is old school in my preferences. I enjoy meeting with people in person,” Haynes remarks.

“I hope that face-time interactions will be treated as special occasions where we put away our devices,” Haynes adds. “I hope talent development, mentorship, and personal connections are differences for firms that value humans.”

Doug Haynes dedicates much energy to helping those who serve our country. His contributions include serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization that raises money to ease the financial burden of people living in poverty. Haynes also chairs the Veteran Advisory Board of the New York-based foundation. In addition to assisting veterans, Haynes has lent his talents to other outstanding nonprofits. He co-founded the Cohen Veterans Network, which aims to provide quality care to soldiers suffering from PTSD and TBI.

Alexander Payne Reveals 5 Things He Wishes He Knew Before Becoming a Filmmaker

Alexander PayneAs one of America’s most celebrated directors, Alexander Payne has directed films including Citizen Ruth, Sideways, and The Descendants. His films have brought him numerous accolades for their unique humor and emotional depth. But what would a movie director wish he knew before starting? Here are some things he wished he had known about the art form

  1. Timing Is Everything

” I wish I knew how to shoot faster,” says Payne. “Filmmaking is about time management, and learning to speed up was my most valuable lesson. ‘Sideways’ was shot in a relatively short six-hour period. ‘The Descendants’ took about nine months. That’s a big difference.”

  1. Writing the Script Is an Important Step

” I wish I’d known how important the script-writing process is. In film school, we learned that a good director could make a great film from almost any script. But as I’ve gotten older and become more involved as an actor, I’ve realized that it’s the dialogue, the conflict, the character dynamics — it’s all there in the script.”

  1. Don’t Let Finances Affect Filming

During the filming of Citizen Ruth, Payne was sent by the production Company to collect some unpaid location fees from their star, Laura Dern. The production assistant explained to Payne that they had already sent a few letters asking for payment and had gotten no response. ” It didn’t occur to me that Laura Dern, a well-established actress, wouldn’t pay her location fees,” says Payne. “I thought she was playing around.

  1. Resist the Urge To Reconsider

” If a character or scene isn’t working, it’s usually because the writing isn’t strong enough — or you haven’t cast the right actor in that role. If you keep fiddling with it, you can keep screwing it up. Let it go, and move on. It’s a hard thing to do, but I’ve learned it’s the only way.”

  1. Listen and Respect Everyone on Set

Alexander PayneAlthough Alexander Payne has many ideas of what he wants the film to look like, he says the final decisions are not his to make. “It’s important that you listen to everybody in the room because they all have a lot of experience and knowledge,” he says. “When you don’t do that, you tend to make films with many holes. But when you listen and respect everybody on set — when you try to understand everyone’s point of view — it leads to a more interesting and complicated fi

 Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick

Bobby Kotick is the chairman and CEO of Activision Blizzard, one of the world’s largest video game publishers. With over $4.9 billion in revenue in 2016, Activision Blizzard is a powerhouse in the gaming industry. Kotick has worked in the company since 1991 and has been credited with turning it into the success it is today.

Bobby Kotick and His Role at Activision Blizzard

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is one of the most controversial executives in the video game industry. He’s been outspoken about his disdain for used games and his belief that gamers are “not as passionate about games since they are about Hollywood movies.”

Despite this, Activision Blizzard has been quite successful under Kotick’s leadership. The company is responsible for some of the most popular video games in the world, including “World of Warcraft,” “Skylanders,” and “Call of Duty.”

Kotick has also been a vocal critic of Microsoft’s Xbox One policies, saying that the console maker is “making it hard for publishers to make money.”

Despite all of this, the Activision CEO is still one of the most influential people in the video game industry. He’s been able to navigate the choppy waters of the industry and come out on top.

Kotick is a polarizing figure in the video game industry, but there’s no denying his impact. He’s a powerful CEO who helped make Activision Blizzard into its juggernaut today.

The Activision CEO is also a member of the board of trustees for Harvard Westlake School, among the prestigious private schools in the United States. He’s been a trustee since 2009 and has been active on the board.


Looking to the future, Kotick believes that mobile gaming will be bigger than console gaming and that Activision Blizzard will be at the forefront of this new industry. With Kotick at the helm, there’s no doubt that Activision Blizzard will continue to be a force in the gaming industry.

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Leasing Program at Hughes Marino Representation Firm

Hughes Marino is a commercial realty company specializing in leasing office space and providing business marketing and sales assistance. It has many years of experience in the industry and is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service. Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm offers a wide range of services, including leasing and selling commercial space, property management, and project development. 


The company has a strong presence in the Baltimore area, serving as the local partner for some of the largest companies in the region. One of Hughes Marino’s most popular products is its leasing program. This leasing program provides businesses with various options, from short-term to long-term leases lasting up to 20 years. The company offers a variety of discounts and incentives to help its clients maximize their profits.


Hughes Marino also offers its clients access to its extensive property database. This database includes information on properties all over the Baltimore area and nationwide. This information can be used to find the perfect business location or assess potential investments. Hughes Marino offers various services, including leasing, buying, selling, development, and property management.


Hughes Marino is known for their experience in commercial lease auditing. They have a great team of professionals dedicated to helping their clients succeed. In addition to their experience in the industry, Hughes Marino has a great team of professionals dedicated to helping their clients succeed. They have a wide range of expertise and can help you find the right solution for your needs. 

The company is reliable and efficient, and its services are often sought after by businesses around the country. Hughes Marino is a company with a reputation for being reliable and efficient. The representation firm offers services to businesses of all sizes, and their track record proves they know what they’re doing. Their clients often appreciate that Hughes Marino is always willing to work hard to get the best possible deal for them, no matter the circumstances.