Steve Lesnard’s View on Brand Marketing

The globe was quickly disrupted due to the pandemic. Companies have had to come up with different ways of putting their products out there. One individual at the center of it all is Steve Lesnard. He is the global vice president of product and marketing at North Face. During an interview, he recently had mentioned some essential things worth taking note of for successful marketing execution. One is understanding the need of the consumer. Once a company identifies the need then, it can work to improve on the product offered and increase the customer base. Additionally, businesses need to have the correct information to move quickly and act according to what the consumer identifies with.

In the age of digital media, he advises companies to think of a suitable medium to reach consumers. With print media being the most resourceful medium of marketing. He advises teams to strategize, relearn, and develop the best information that will target the audience. His company recently collaborated with a famous brand hence expected to increase customer base. Steve Lesnard offers advice on integrating advertising marketing to bring increased sales and a broader customer base. Now more than ever, businesses need to invest more in marketing to recover from the disruption in industries. Refer to this page for additional information.