David Schmidt’s Amazing Inventions

David Schmidt, the founder, and CEO of LifeWave is a great inventor and entrepreneur.

He admits that he was a nerd kid while growing up.

He loved spending time in his parents’ workshop, with his best friend where they did lots of experiments.

His belief in the fact that ‘the best way to understand the world was through looking into nature’ pushed him to the world of biomimetics, a philosophy that steers LifeWave to support wellness by mimicking the natural processes.

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The original concept came during his work when developing equipment.

While trying to generate ways for crew members a certain mini-sub stay woke without using drugs, he started looking into natural ways of increasing energy in the body.

David Schmidt currently holds 94 issued patents and has 13 others pending, and many more other patents are being written.

Among the issued patents, more than seventy of them fall in the regenerative science and technology field.

The Double Helix Conductor is one of his great inventions, and it produces an original blend of both electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic fields that improves the speed of healing wounds.

It beats competition from stem-cell injections.

The invention made David realize that phototherapy can work by activating a person’s own stem cells into a youthful state.

The process works much better injecting stem cells that are expensive and potentially dangerous.

It took David Schmidt a decade of study before inventing LifeWave’s X39®.

The product has undergone seven clinical trials so far, and additional four studies are underway.

The product found an exceptional reception, which made many researchers want to learn, and this translated to excellent results.

Dr. Melinda Connor, one of the great researchers demonstrated how the product naturally improves metabolism in very exciting ways.

Many people are already aware that X39 activates stem cells through its great impact on the mitochondrial.

The product uniquely reverses the mitochondrial dysfunction, which leads to more energy production, and slows the aging process.

David’s daily mantra is to helping live longer, and stay younger through his amazing products, and inventions.

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Dave Antrobus Critically Focuses On the Challenges of Working Remotely

Dave AtrobusThe majority of companies across the globe have been reluctant in adopting remote working. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, these were companies that were hard hit by the lockdown. Technological experts have asserted that the pandemic necessitated remote working across the globe. Companies that had slowly adopted remote working found it extremely easy to enhance their operations. Companies that had not embraced working remotely found it hard to anticipate the challenges of the same idea. the technical director and Co-founder of Fresh Thinking Group, Dave Antrobus dives and warns of the main challenges that could arise from working remotely. Consequently, Dave Antrobus of Fresh Thinking advises on how well companies could cope with these challenges.

One of the challenges that could arise from remote working is isolation. Dave Antrobus of Fresh Thinking notes quite a significant number of employees enjoy working face-to-face. When companies manage the idea of remote working ineffectively these employees could feel extremely lonely while working at home. Dave Antrobus of Fresh Thinking Group advises that managers in these companies should purpose on having numerous video calls and chats and avoid canceling such meetings whatsoever. Consequently, the use of phone chats in checking the employees would go a long way in vehemently overcoming this challenge. He advises that managers should steer this process passionately and make sure that none of their employees is lonely. This will significantly increase the well-being of employees and the productivity of the company.

Tracking accountability can be extremely hard as explained by Dave Antrobus of Fresh Thinking Group. It can be extremely hard to measure the productivity and effectiveness of employees while working remotely. Holding employees accountable has also proven to be difficult. The use of time-tracking and monitoring tools for productivity such as Harvest Hubstsaff and Everhour could easily help in overcoming this challenge. The tools are built in a way that they can culture transparency and provision of time breakdowns on different projects. Security concern is another posing challenge in the idea of remote working. Dave Antrobus of Fresh Thinking Group says that use password managers aimed at protecting account without necessarily storing password will intensely sort out this challenge.

Jack Mason defines the new rules of working as a team

Jack MasonJack Mason has had different achievements over the years. One being he is the CEO of Inc & C0. The company is well known in digital enterprises for its rapid growth. He has a keen eye for creating great teams, reason why he has worked with different companies. Throughout Jack career, he has recruited employees that have become energy-driven teams, built efficient business departments. He believes that everyone deserves a second chance, and success is self-driven. Inc & Co’s number one mission has been to get digital enterprises and support them to attain their ambitions.

Jack Mason, Inc & Co CEO, has ensured that they offer new strategies that ensure enterprises get the best business opportunities and the investment accelerates. New members are welcomed with access to Inc & Co’s shared resources. The shared resources include sales, HR, financial framework and marketing. Jack has acquired many industries while at Inc & Co Neon and Brass, Cuhu a mobile app development company, MyLife Digital, Laundrapp that offers laundry services, and Skylab and Insight Analysis.

In the first year of Inc & Co as a collaborative collective, Jack Mason and his colleagues achieved impressive accomplishments. The company gained a $10 million turnover, and the income increased by $11% with the twelve months. Through Jack Mason, Inc & Co CEO, the number of businesses seeking the company’s help has grown. The success they have achieved is because Jack has continued to customize services. Through customization, each company gets to achieve its positioned goals. Also, Jack believes that the workplace should be a safe place for each employee.

Jack Mason

The team over the years has honored their Texas roots, and the goal in the watch industry is to bring back the milestone moment. In every watch they manufacture, they want to bring a timepiece passed from generation to generation. Jack Mason’s is set to bring back the family heirloom that has been forgotten in the modern fashion world. The watches are built to last a lifetime. Jack Mason believes that to achieve business success; there is no working alone. He gets people that can make the magic happen.

Scott Dylan’s Fresh Thinking Group Educating on Leadership and Business Strategy

Scott DylanThe founder of Fresh Thinking Group, Scott Dylan, is renowned in mergers and acquisitions. Sure, he leverages his deep-seated business strategies to transition businesses and companies. He works all over Europe with teams to find ways to establish successful companies to achieve the most remarkable results. Additionally, he heads business acquisitions in various sectors, including digital markets, logistics, technology, and e-commerce. Fresh Thinking Group comes up with business strategies to aid startups and struggling companies looking for a chance for expansion. Companies that choose to work with Fresh Thinking Group have benefited from sharing managerial functions, resulting in tremendous growth.

Management is the core of an organization; it determines how well an organization is run. Influential leaders can be great over years of experience, but experience alone doesn’t make great leaders. The business coach admits that assigning leadership roles is based on personality traits as well. Scott Dylan recognizes this and highlights what makes a good leader as part of his business strategies. Great leaders have good communication skills and are a source of motivation to their juniors. An effective communicator should understand the organization’s goals and visions and convey them to their team in a way that everyone knows and understands their role in ensuring these goals are achieved. This acts as a source of motivation for the employees because everyone feels valued and appreciated. Such leaders can identify their team’s strengths and weaknesses and delegate duties to them effectively.

Scott Dylan also highlights that influential leaders are result-oriented and emotionally intense. They work towards ensuring the business’ success and lead their team in that direction. They can deal with difficult situations when met with unexpected occurrences such as huge losses. Furthermore, they are able to handle such with a clear head without panic or temper, keeping the team calm. Scott Dylan holds that the need to achieving and ensuring key results is by harnessing result-oriented techniques. Well, he presumes that the best way to deal with ineffective leaders is by addressing them directly. Perhaps a personal touch in Fresh Thinking Group will give them the perspective and insight they lack.


Caribou Dave Antrobus and his cofounder had a vision of making Caribou a global brand to reckon with when it comes to matters logistics. With this in mind, they outlined a roadmap on which they intended to realize this dream. One of the integral parts of this dream was technology which formed the basis of the company. Caribou got incorporated in early 2012, and they have been in the logistics industry for about 20 years now. The company has since made strides and grown to cover several areas in its quest for service delivery.

The West Drayton-based logistics company is one of the tech survey logistics companies both in the United Kingdom and internationally. The company has made deliberate efforts to integrate and digitize almost all its processes. At Caribou, drivers and clients interact through an online platform developed in partnership with one of the United Kingdom’s leading software development companies, Cuhu. The long-term vision informed the association with Cuhu of expanding to global logistics, a vision the technical director in charge of technology, Dave Antrobus, feels cannot get accomplished without technology.

The company is proud to be among the pioneer and a leader in the logistics I industry, and they are setting the pace for the others to benchmark from in matters of service delivery. The platform developed by Cuhu, dubbed Driver app brings the logistics process from the office and incorporates the client as part of the business proves. The application allows the driver to begin the delivery process by scanning the bar code attached to each consignment and the application while the longest distance from the delivery room to the client’s warehouse. Such routes allow the driver to save on time, recovering dead time that would have otherwise got wasted in traffic.


The application then notifies the client that their package got dispatched, and they can now track it either through the Driver application or through the Caribou website. The app has the driver GPS location embedded to allow easier tracking. Upon arrival at the warehouse, the app collects the warehouse GPS location. The client has to sign on the application—consequently, the application requests a photograph of the consignment at the warehouse as proof of delivery.

Haroldo Jacobovicz: Important Lessons that Companies Have Learned During COVID-19 Outbreak

Obviously, all the business owners out there in the world view the current pandemic as dangerous precedence that has led to some considerable losses in the operations of various businesses. Haroldo Jacobovicz has been one of the business owners who believe that the pandemic has already caused some problems that will take years to address. However, as an experienced organizational owner, Haroldo Jacobovicz is aware that there have been some opportunities that companies can exploit despite the obvious issues.

There is one common aspect that every other organization has already been able to realize during the current crisis. In this case, every other organization that wants to overcome future pandemics must incorporate the necessary business technology in its operations. Therefore, every other company that wants to remain successful is looking for some of the technologies it can have in its operations to remain activities in its activities.

For many years, Haroldo Jacobovicz has seen some companies actively using technology to handle their industrial operations. Other observers have always seen these companies as entities that have been using huge amounts of money than what they are supposed to use. In fact, some business consultants have been seen encouraging some organizational owners to reduce the level of technology in their business operations.

Haroldo Jacobovicz indicates that companies have also realized that they can also operate remotely. There have been some business leaders who have been forcing their employees to report at the premises of the company. As it stands, operating in remote areas has been seen as a game-changer in the business sector. Organizations are looking for infrastructure that can promote remote operations. It is essential to indicate that there will be some companies that will be able to save some money through the remote techniques that they will be using in their operations and more

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