The Transformation Of Asot Michael To The Helm Of Power

Asot Michael is the current parliament representative for St. Peters, courtesy of the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party. Michael was born and raised in Guadeloupe, located in the French West Indies. Asot Michael grew up with a clear vision of joining politics and introducing a transformational change in the political sector. By the end of the year 1969, he decided to join a political party that many of his family members supported. This was after Asot Michael´s family had moved from Caribbean about six months ago due to political matters that took the lives of many innocent people from the region. 


Even though his family was poor, his grandfather was focused on developing a better life for his family members to ensure that the younger generation should be able to make their dreams come true. The father of Michael and all his brothers become successful political figures. Asot Michael studied in a local high school and later joined Barry University, where he studied business administration. After four years, Asot Michael graduated with an honors degree in his field of specialization. He later proceeded with his studies and majored in business economics and finance, which he also completed successfully. 


He also acquired an MBA from the University of Miami in the United States. After studying in different parts of the world, Asot Michael went back to Antigua, where he also aided in running a family-owned business. In the year 995, Michael got an opportunity to take an administrative role in the government (Crunchbase). 


This marked his immediate step into the government, where he always believed he would get an opportunity to change several things that annoyed him. After several years serving the administration role, Michael was given the government senator position, which was much bigger than his initial role. He served in this position for four years and was later appointed as the Minister of Finance following the skills he had acquired in the industry and from school. The honorable politician Asot Michael later abandoned this role after serving for a decade and got appointed as the minister of tourism. Asot Michael has held numerous positions in government before being elected as the parliament representative of St. Peters, which is his current role in government.