Ross Levinsohn Understands All Aspects Of Media Publishing

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has been instrumental in the growth and development of the media publishing industry. As the CEO of Maven, he has taken the company to new heights. He is constantly focusing on the critical aspects of media publishing that make the industry successful. As a veteran of the industry, he has the knowledge to make certain things work. He is helping to develop certain technologies at Maven that will take the industry into the future. These technologies will form the backbone of digital publishing.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been crucial to the development of modern analytics. In fact, the largest companies in the world now utilize these technologies to grow even faster. They understand that analytics is a fundamental piece of digital publishing and advertising. Without analytics, you wouldn’t have any idea of who your visitors are. You can use analytics to understand everything about your visitors, translating into better advertising towards them. As long as the industry makes its money from advertising, analytics will be a crucial component.


Maven specializes in monetization because this is a part of digital publishing that many companies get wrong. It is also the most important part of running a business, and this is why most Internet companies end up failing. There are various tools you can use to get more insights from your current visitors, which will translate into more revenue. This is where many Internet companies are going, and Ross Levinsohn understands the reason for it.

Content Publishing

Digital publishing is nothing without the technology that forms the backbone of this industry. Maven is also working on optimized publishing software to improve the entire industry. There are new innovations in content management systems that will make publishing a lot easier. By optimizing the publishing side of the business, companies can better position their content to entice readers. They can optimize all aspects of the layout to maximize profits from advertising. These simple things might not seem like much, but they will unleash the industry in the future. It is why Ross Levinsohn is focused on delivering these innovations as CEO.