Robinson Helicopter Company

The history of Robinson Helicopter Company

Robinson HelicopterIn 1973, Frank Robinson initiated the Robinson Helicopter Company. Although other aviation companies were offering such services, Frank had the urge to produce world-class quality and the most reliable helicopters. He meant to reach this goal in the most cost-effective way there could ever be.

In 1979, the company produced its first helicopter, which was known as the 2-place piston-powered R22. The aircraft became famous among the helicopter private owners and aviation schools. The fact that it was cost-friendly also increased the number of its sales. In 1992, Frank Robinson led the company to the production of the second helicopter, which was an improvement of the first. It was named the 4-place R44. The aircraft had a more powerful engine and performed better even in higher altitudes and hotter temperatures. In 2002, the company produced the Raven II. That was later followed by the production of the R66, which was certified by the FAA in 2010. Over the years, the company has continued to improve on the helicopters they design and offer to the market. The R44 Cadet and the 2-place R44 are good examples of the improvements they have done on the existing models.

What does the company offer?

To date, Robinson Helicopter Company has produced over 13,000 helicopters. With the advancement in technology, the company offers helicopters for private use, learning institutions, and cargo purposes. That is evident in the R66, which has a cargo hook that allows the aircraft to transport external loads during the flight. The company also offers safety courses for flight instructors and maintenance courses for the safety team.

Who owns the business?

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter Company is a family-owned business with the president and the chief executive officer being Frank Robinson. Robinson founded the company in California, where most of the production and assembling of the helicopters occur. Today, the company has a worldwide network with over 400 centers and dealers. The many dealers allow the company to run its business effectively, ensuring that its products get to the clients in whatever part of the world.