Kip Lewis Reveals The Essentials Of Business Success

Kip Lewis has been a Texas real estate entrepreneur and business leader for the last twenty-eight years. During this time, he launched and built one of the region’s most prosperous real estate investment and development enterprises, Lewis Investments, based in Round Rock. In a recent magazine interview, Lewis revealed the essentials of business success.


Developing Multiple Income Sources


The top-notch Austin-based business leader said that most businesses fail or reach a point where it is hard to recover when they come across a crisis. The primary reason for this is that they rely on one source of income, and any mishap that affects their income source is usually crippling. Lewis said that an essential for a business that wants to succeed and stay successful is having multiple sources of income. Therefore, if a crisis affects one of its income sources, it still has several others to rely on as it strategizes.


Planning Ahead


This Austin-based business leader said one of the things the pandemic has made very clear is that no matter how successful an enterprise is, there is always a big enough crisis around the corner that can bring it down. Thus, another essential for business prosperity is planning ahead – to expect a crisis may emerge at anytime. The Lewis Investments founder pointed out that a venture hoping to maintain its success should always have strategies to get through the most challenging crisis that it can face.


About Kip Lewis


Lewis’ journey to entrepreneurial success in the real estate sector is quite remarkable. Before launching his real estate firm in 1992, he was enrolled at Texas State University and the iconic University of Texas, pursuing business degrees. His first property purchase was an MV/RH community that sat on thirty-five acres of land. Lewis’ most memorable achievement is the numerous real estate deals in the historic downtown Round Rock area.