Insurance Office of America (IOA)John Ritenour Discusses The Many Unknown Insurance Options

When founding Insurance Office of America, John Ritenour’s aim was to set up an insurance company that will provide comprehensive and extensive insurance options for both personal and business needs. The veteran’s goal was to improve the sector by setting up a one-stop insurance shop contrary to the market. Only a few insurance agencies offered both products.

Today, IOA boasts of the veteran’s insurance philosophy set up over three decades ago. IOA’s CEO, Heath Ritenour is committed to this philosophy. John is also actively involved in the leadership of the company, which has dozens of insurance coverages. Narrowing down to personal and business insurance needs has helped the company to understand the client’s needs better.

John Ritenour explains that there are many types of insurance options in the market, some of which many people are unaware of. Vehicle and property insurance are the most common. Vehicle insurance covers automobiles, boats, and motorcycles and covers comprehensive and basic liabilities as well as full collision. IOA’s property insurance coverage protects clients from various damages and includes renters and homeowners’ insurance.

Other than the above coverage, John Ritenour says that individual insurance is somewhat known among Americans and involves life insurance and highly valuable items that the property insurance under homeowners’ policies may not cover. These include antiques, jewels, artworks, and other valuables. With Select business insurance, IOA makes both personal and business insurance combinations possible. The package protects businesses from loss resulting from vandalism, hurricanes, and fire damage. It also includes professional liability insurance that covers clients against hackers, cybercrimes, and many more.

John Ritenour has also ventured into specific industries’ insurance. Companies that require workers’ compensation can get this insurance. It helps to cover entrepreneurs and their staff if they incur injuries by providing funds for hospital expenses. Suppose the staff loses wages, the insurance will step in. Some of the coverage under this clause is a mandatory requirement by the labor laws. IOA also offers business liability insurance to cover losses against lawsuits and other types of liabilities.