How Wes Edens Brings Success

Wes Edens is a co-owner of many sports teams, but his most recent venture is Aston Villa, one of the professional soccer teams in the league. Fans are more than happy that he held to own the team now, just as they are happy in Milwaukee where he owns the NBA team known as the Bucks. He has brought success to some of these teams which have been labeled as the worst in their respective leagues. The Bucks rose in success almost instantly, whereas Aston Villa is slowly climbing to one of the best teams in the entire league.

Wes Edens wants to help players stay with these two teams, as he believes that a lack of loyalty is one of the top reasons for a lack of success. Giannis Antetokounmpo joined the Bucks in 2013, and he is a star player for the team who has remained loyal. The goal of Edens is to draw players into these teams to where it is somewhere that they actually want to play rather than just a stepping stone. This will ultimately keep the loyalty that these teams need, especially as they are now under some of the top leadership available.

Wes Edens has even brought the All-star player known as Jrue Holiday who is in the record books for some of his playing abilities to the Bucks. The purchase of both of these teams is really a full project for Edens, and part of that project is in the development of a strong player base. This has even increased Edens’ investment in the teams from a purchase of $110 million for Aston Villa to $341 million now two years later. The ultimate goal is for the success to stay with these teams so that will eventually become one of the top.

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