Dick Devos Gives Back To The Community

When you think of the skyline in Grand Rapids, Michigan, does Dick Devos immediately come to mind? Since he was a young man, Dick Devos has strived to improve the downtown area of Grand Rapids. Here is how Dick Devos made Grand Rapids a great place over the years.


Important Background Information About Dick Devos


Dick Devos is the son of an extremely wealthy businessman. Did you know that his father founded an exceptional company known as Amway? Dick Devos has achieved much success in life because of his incredible work ethic. Of course, Dick Devos learned the value of hard work from his father.


Dick Devos’ Incredible Success


In Grand Rapids and beyond, Dick Devos is known as a prominent businessman. He was responsible for the construction of the DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids. He also supported the implementation of charter schools in this city. Sounds pretty great, right? Not too long ago, this well-known businessman founded an incredible charter school near the airport in Grand Rapids.


Dick Devos Gives Back To The Community


Over the years, Dick Devos and his wife have given back to the community in extremely incredible ways. He gave several million to the construction of a children’s hospital. He has also supported several leadership programs through big donations.


What You Should Know About Dick Devos And Charter Schools


Dick Devos and his wife strongly believe that everyone should have access to a high quality education. He has pushed for the expansion of charter schools throughout the United States.

Dick Devos is a big supporter of charter schools because they give parents more choices. He supports private vouchers so that families can choose the right charter school for them.


In the future, Dick Devos intends to support the underserved community in even more ways.