Dean Omar Branham Shirley Protecting Workers & Workplaces


If you’re a victim of workplace misconduct like harassment, discrimination, or others, you should seek legal justice. Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a law firm that strives to help employees get fair treatment from their employers. Providing reliable legal assistance is what their lawyers do daily. They know people work hard to provide for your family or to make ends meet. And you also execute your duties to your level best to help the company you work for grow. When an employer makes that impossible, they respond appropriately and swiftly.


Practice Areas


Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a Dallas, TX-based law firm that skillfully disputes claims emerging from occupational malpractice on behalf of the employees. Their practice areas include asbestos exposure, product liability, unpaid wages, consumer class action, shareholder liability, and more.


Thier law firm prides itself on having attorneys employees can always count on when their dignity and rights are at stake. They are a full-service and reputable employment law firm. They have a record of success in multiple practice areas concerning employment rights in Texas.


Employment Attorneys Dedicated to Your Total Satisfaction


If you’re an employee in the Texas area, they want to ensure your rights are secure and your employer can hear your voice. They help others confidently and successfully navigate the twists and turns of the courts of justice.


In case you have mesothelioma cancer because of asbestos exposure at the workplace. If you have ceased to work and your former employer does not want to clear your unpaid wages or suffer from any other form of workplace misconduct, they can help.


Customer Care the Dean Omar Way


They know that working with an attorney can be intimidating. But they go beyond their expertise to ensure their clients feel safe working with their team at every phase of their case. If you face any form of discrimination or harassment at the workplace, it is possible to walk in to their Dallas office. Their lawyers will do everything possible to help you and ensure you get results that suit your situation from your lawsuit.