Chad Price’s Impact on Health

Chad Price invented his medical lab after going through a rough time with his special-needs sister. He had no experience at the time but went ahead to start Mako Laboratories.

He wanted to use his resources to make an impact in the community. His focus was on working with volunteers giving back and supporting charitable organizations. He says that the reason for doing anything is more important than how it’s done.

Mako Medical laboratory has been one of the best choices in America since its establishment about seven years ago. The lab has won numerous awards and has collaborated with various entities for diagnosis.

It has also hired highly qualified doctors, scientists, and chemists who help in innovation. The lab was able to iron out any challenges it encountered in its initial stages due to Chad Price’s focus and determination. That has seen the company multiply over the years.

Mako Medical laboratory has invested heavily in modern technology, enabling it to carry out numerous tests in no time and give its patients world-class results. Chad price says that Mako competes with other big labs by providing high-quality services. It also does so through innovations and technology.

Led by its passion for influencing lives, the lab uses a lot of time offering free medical services. The lab has also donated huge sums of money for free medication for the underprivileged. While thanking God for blessing him with the opportunity to influence the community, he says that he enjoys his work.