Chad Price, Mako Medical’s Effective CEO

Many CEOs of companies both large and small take somewhat of a hands-off approach. These types of CEOs are there to collect a paycheck and order people around, it would seem. This is not the case with Chad Price, CEO of Mako Medical. Since becoming CEO, Price has continued to remain involved in both the decisions of the company as well as the day-to-day operations. Price is the founder of the company as well, which he started in 2014, so he is familiar with all aspects of the company that he oversees.

According to, this active approach by Price is part of why Mako Medical Laboratories continues to excel and thrive, even while some other companies seem to be floundering in the current environment. This not only blesses the lives of many patients but also provides excellent employment opportunities for many individuals.

In addition to being the CEO for Mako Medical Laboratories, he also founded a company known as MakoRX and helped found BrideGenie with a partner. His accomplishments have benefitted millions of patients, and in 2020, Mako Medical evaluated more than five million COVID-19 tests. With such a CEO as Chad Price, his companies will continue to thrive and bless the lives of many throughout the country.