CEO Carl Daikeler Increases Revenue at BeachBody

BeachbodyWhen BeachBody was established in 1998 by Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler, its guiding mission was to produce fitness products to help individuals meet their wellness goals at home. Daikeler has progressively increased the brand’s popularity and its revenue stream over the years as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

By relying on his extensive expertise in product development, media buying, marketing and other key factors, he launched the company’s product line with the release of 8-Minute Abs. This was soon followed by an extensive range of additional fitness and workout programs. Some of the most noteworthy options in its expansive product lineup include 21-Day Fix, P90X, Shakeology, Body Beast and 21-Day Fix.

BeachBody also benefited from Carl Daikeler’s marketing ingenuity in other ways. For example, he broke into the exciting world of social media marketing, and he used social media influencers and customer influencers for BeachBody’s benefit long before many companies did so.

BeachbodyWhen the pandemic broke out in 2019, many gym members were displaced when their gyms were closed. Options like Peloton Interactive and Nautilus Bowflex appealed to some of these individuals because of the variety of workouts they provided. However, these fitness solutions required the purchase of expensive workout equipment. Carl Daikeler saw the opportunity to appeal to individuals who wanted a varied workout at a more affordable price. He released BeachBody On-Demand as a subscription service for only $99, and this solution offered 80 workout videos for viewing via streaming technology.

Carl Daikeler has elevated the company’s revenue from day one up to its current level of $1 billion. He also directly impacted the company’s value increase to $2.3 billion today. As this CEO continues to be a force at BeachBody, you can expect BeachBody’s growth to continue.