Yves Mirabaud Explains How Mirabaud Group Handled The Pandemic

Over the last 200 years, the Mirabaud Group has made a name for itself as one of the best private banks in Europe. Today, it also boasts of being home to some of the best professionals in the financial sector.

Top among the professionals is Yves Mirabaud, who joined the private bank in 1993 and is now a Senior Managing Partner at Mirabaud SCA and Board Chairman at Mirabaud and Cie SA. He boasts of having worked for several top-notch financial institutions in New York, Boston, and Zurich before joining the Mirabaud Group. Yves discussed how the Mirabaud Group handled the pandemic during a recent interview.

Protecting its clients’ wealth

Yves Mirabaud mentioned that since its founding, the top priority of this exemplary Swiss private bank has been to protect its clients’ wealth. Therefore, when news of a looming pandemic hitting the world broke out, the firm quickly moved to this. Firstly, it moved all of its clients’ active investments in the market to a passive position. The Swiss banker mentioned that this meant that most of its clients’ investments were barely affected even when the market went into a downfall in March. He pointed out that several clients who only use the private bank for executions opted to remain actively invested in the markets, and the investments were drastically affected by the market downturn.

The unintended effects

This Mirabaud Group Senior Managing Partner mentioned that there were also some unintended effects of passive investing in 2020 following the pandemic. He said that since nobody how long the pandemic situation would last and how long the market turmoil would last, the private bank took a long position on its passive investments. Yves Mirabaud stated that the firm couldn’t ride on the market recovery bandwagon and missed out on the part of the profits to be heard during the season. As a result, Mirabaud Group’s earnings in 2020 profits suffered as revenues dropped by 8% compared to 2020. Refer to this article for more information.


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 Life of Darien Dash the Chief Executive of Movement Management Company

Darien Dash is a passionate entrepreneur known as the director of Movement Management Advisors. He is an active advisor equipped with helpful ideas. Darien has managed to guide some huge companies such as private and commercial banks, government officials, professional athletes and entrepreneurs. He helps his clients in identify threats in their areas, guide them in creating opportunities and lastly, he helps them identify high value strategic partners. He has worked as an advisor for over 30 years working with various industries this has turned him into a professional advisor. Currently Darien is focusing on working with the sports, media and entertainment industries in strategic planning and capital market access. He was working to ensure all minorities access music and internet services. Dash begun his innovative career in 1994 where he founded his first company the DME Interactive Holdings.

In his first interview he narrated his journey towards forming the Movement Management Advisor. He stated that he developed the idea of creating the company while he was still working for other companies. This when he realized that he can also form his own company that will help other firms grow their businesses. His interest was also feeling the gap formed as a result of demographics. At his work place he was not allowed to distribute boxes due to some demographic differences. The management believed that the urban would not pay for the services. This is where the idea to create his company came from. Just by observing Dash had identified a huge market for his product. He begun by expanding small hardware and infrastructure companies in the region. His focus was on creating equal market chances for all firms.

To ensure large sale of products he connected school boards, community organizations and government bodies. His target was organizations that dealt with local commodities. He applied various techniques such as advertisements, door to door campaigns and sending of direct mails. He received funding from families, friends and capitalists such as Mason Hill.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2000-05-15/darien-dash-founder-and-ceo-dme-interactive

 Kevin Seawright: A Baltimore Real Estate Leader

Kevin Seawright has been been providing families throughout the Baltimore area with the dream of owning their own home for years. As real estate manager and investor with RPS Solutions, he has made it his goal to create more affordable properties for lower income and first time home buyers.

After working for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in New Jersey, Kevin founded  RPS Solutions in 2015. The mission of the company was based on his early life growing up in Philadelphia and seeing his family and peers struggle paying rent to landlords. Through first  hand experience, he saw the opportunity that home ownership gave to those looking to make it in the middle class.

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Recently, Kevin and RPS have acquired, renovated, and sold multiple properties in the Baltimore area at attainable prices. One of which was a colonial style townhome in the suburb of Hillendale, which was sold to a first time home buyer and single mother. Mr. Seawright said that this sale is one of the finest for RPS to date because it gave someone the opportunity to own property in Baltimore rather than pay rent to a landlord.

RPS purchased the Hillendale home, originally built in the 1950s, and completely overhauled it inside and out. Features such as recessed lighting and an open concept floor plan were added to bring a modern touch to the older home. The property was sold at a reasonable price and will provide stability and positive economic change for the new owner and surrounding neighborhood.

Outside of his work with RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright frequently provides tips for new homebuyers online. These include things such as finding the right agent, investing in real estate warranty, and so on.   .

Read more: https://www.stabilizationtrust.org/buyer-success-stories/baltimore-md-rps-solutions-llc-2/

Matthew Fleeger Pushes Gulf Coast Western To Improve The Oil And Gas Industry

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger is a highly regarded individual and most sought after in the oil gas industry. Shortages in resources and technology challenges often mar this crucial industry. With the discovery of alternative energy sources and reduced demands for oil and gas in the U.S, the future is uncertain. Fleeger is trying to overturn the tide. He still believes that rethinking the traditional way of doing things will help the sector stay in the market. Fluctuating economy due to the pandemic has also worsened things. To achieve growth and success in the sector, firms must brace themselves for further navigations to change the energy consumption landscape globally. They have to get prepared to tackle technical threats to improve service delivery in a cost-effective environment.

Matthew Fleeger is aware that these threats are daunting, but every industry must seek survival mechanisms to stand out. Gulf Coast Western, spearheaded by Matthew Fleeger Dallas, is shinning beyond these contemporary issues. The CEO has tons of experience and expertise to roll coaster the company. Amidst the economic turbulence, the company combines talents, resources, technology, and technical know-how to achieve success. Its CEO, Matthew Fleeger, is specifically focused on geophysical and geological advantages to push forward.

Gulf Coast Western CEO Matthew Fleeger Dallas, who also serves as the president, attributes the company’s success to transparency in partnerships. Commercial relationships are built on respect, transparency, and mutual trust. When a company is honest and upholds integrity, it can reach its desirable success heights. He has led the company to acquire oil-related companies worth millions of dollars. The firm’s primary aim is to explore deeply, develop and acquire U.S oil and gas reserves in the gulf coast region of the country. Under the leadership of the family heir, Gulf Coast Western is seeking enterprises with substantial investment returns and quantified downside risk to all its partners.

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is listed as well known to the international business community. The leader is recognized for his prowess in the oil and gas sector. Before he rejoined Gulf Coast Western, he owned MedSolutions, a waste management company. He also has interests in the tanning industries. His virtuosity in strategic planning and team building is critical for the growth of his family business. He is a great contract negotiator as well as an entrepreneurial guru.

Jack Mason Believes Many Businesses May Suffer in a Post Lockdown Climate

Jack MasonThe world has changed since the rise of COVID-19. Government officials have found it necessary to come up with ways to respond to this new threat. One of the many ways they have chosen to work with the issues posed by the pandemic is by deciding to lock things down. While locking down the movement of people has helped reduce the spread of the virus, it has also created many issues. Jack Mason is someone who understands that such issues remain. They are likely to have long term consequences. Examining the future and thinking about ways to respond to it is one of the many things that he does in his role as head of Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO. He sees a highly changed world as a result of the pandemic. Some changes are likely to be good. Others may create ongoing problems for many in the business world. Mason believes it is crucial to understand how such issues may create problems for people in the aftermath of the containment of the virus.

Possible Economic Downturn

Jack Mason

Jack Mason sees that many businesses have suffered a great deal. Many companies are struggling to find their footing. They are going to face all kinds of issues once the shutdown is ended. Unfortunately Mason believes that many companies may not have the tools to survive the pandemic. He thinks it is likely that the United Kingdom may face a recession once the pandemic is over that continues for at least some time. In his experienced opinion, this may cause problems as many companies are unable to regroup and find a way to ride out this current problem. While the government has been able to provide for them in many ways, this help cannot continue all the time. This is why Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO and his company want to do what they can to help people. These experts are there to provide what companies in order to respond well to changing market conditions. That means they can help any company owner or freelancer find great office space today.

Mathew Fleeger’s Unmatched Career in the Energy Industry

Matthew FleegerThere have been numerous challenges in the recent past of oil and gas markets. That is because companies introduced various energy sources to the market, and more people are consuming oil and gas globally. That has led to oil and gas-selling firms find other operating strategies due to advancement in technology and other economic matters.

There is a need for oil and gas companies to continue operating regardless of their challenges as they find proper means of supplying enough energy in the world. Many companies face these challenges, but most of them are still successful regardless of that. One of the most successful oil and gas firms globally is the Gulf Coast Western.

The company operates from Dallas, and its president is Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western. It supplies oil and gas in several states in America. Additionally, it manages Joint Ventures, which helps investors to succeed. Gulf Coast Western opened its doors more than 40 years ago and has been in business regardless of the many challenges.

When the firm collaborated with others and started managing Joint Venture, it became successful. Many openings that the firm has found have enabled it to remain in operation after making numerous sales. Gulf Coast Western company has opened additional branches in other cities in America with partners with similar interests.

The company’s growth comes from investing in thriving gas and oil businesses and opportunities to grow. Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has become very famous in the oil and gas sector because of his knowledge and experience. He grew up in the oil and gas business, and that is where he got most of his entrepreneurial skills. He also has expertise in managing medical waste and tanning. His outstanding leadership skills and making profit have made him one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs globally.

Matthew Fleeger

Before becoming the C. E. O of the Gulf Coast, Mr. Fleeger worked at Med Solutions, a company that transports, disposes, and treats medical firms ‘ waste. He founded the company and headed it for thirteen years before selling it. He went to Cox School of Business, where he graduated with a Business Administration degree.

 David Azzato on Barclays Bank’s Punishment in the U.K

Barclays Bank is expected to repay a substantial amount of money as interest timeshare loans for failing to adhere to regulatory requirements. Borrowers and consumer watch groups have applauded the decision and believe this is a warning for other financial institutions that may be violating established guidelines on offering loans.

Further investigations are also underway and may mean more payments for the holders. David Azzato recently explained how this happened, what the borrowers should expect, and how this relates to lending processes by various financial institutions. The case involves several parties and organizations, making it hard for the relevant authorities to untangle.

For instance, the Financial Conduct Authority finds it hard to determine what each of the parties knew and how they shared such information among the players. Barclays Bank partnered with Azure Services, a subsidiary of Azure Resorts, for two years. The former organization didn’t have the same privileges as the latter.

According to the findings, the Financial Conduct Authority had licensed Azure Resorts to broker loans. However, the employees who designed the offers weren’t working for Azure Resorts. Instead, they were working for Azure Services. Although Azure Services received approval from the regulatory body, it only did so in early 2016.

Investigators noted that Azure Services had not received FCA approval during the two-year partnership with the bank and raised questions over the deal. A Malaga-based law firm known as M1 Legal represented the borrowers during the legal proceedings. The organization worked closely with FCA to understand the financial agreement and questioned Azure Services’ efforts to encourage individuals to apply for the loans.

The law firm estimates the total amount to be waived and repaid about £26 million. However, a representative from Barclays Bank has disputed the figure and believes this has been highly inflated. It’s worth noting that the lender hasn’t provided another estimate of the penalties nor disclosed how it intends to review its working relationship with Azure Services.

However, it has put several measures to ensure the clients have more leverage. The regulatory body informed all borrowers about the issue through letters to everyone who had received the loans during the period. It revealed that Barclays would give back the interest that customers had already paid on the loans.

David Azzato notes that besides the interest, the bank is also canceling the future interest that would have been charged. If the figures revealed by M1 Legal are actual, the financial institution would be giving back about 50% of the loans offered during the period, which is a substantial percentage; however, you look at it.

Barclays has been a leading U.K. lender and helps clients manage their finances and strengthen their assets. According to David Azzato, other banks have many lessons to learn from the FCA’s investigations.

The lender is also required to hire an independent assessor to review the loans and evaluate their affordability. One of the most critical steps lenders should take is verifying whether borrowers can repay loans. Despite the simplicity of this step, many financial institutions ignore it.

More information at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/david-azzato