Why Do People Prefer PosiGen Solar Energy?

Many people looking for affordable solar energy prefer PosiGen Solar Energy. The solar company has developed the right strategies to ensure people get top-quality services. Solar power has been gaining popularity shortly because people enjoy top-quality services. Those who would like to save energy on power bills would like to get solar energy from the best companies such as PosiGen, a firm that assures homeowners affordable solar power. 


Affordable solar power

PosiGen Solar Energy offers affordable solar power. Many communities would like to access affordable solar power, but they face several challenges. The company has come up with the right measures to ensure they meet the needs of clients. Rely on the PosiGen company to achieve great success. The company has taken measures to avail top quality services. 


Easy to access solar power 

PosiGen Solar Energy has put measures to ensure they avail the solar power easily. People looking forward to saving on solar power prefer the company. They have the best experts in solar energy. You can work with Posigen, and they will offer top-quality solar panels to make your dream come true. People looking forward to getting value for money prefer solar power. 


Save money on utility bills

If your utility bills are too high, you can get solar power from PosiGen Solar Energy. The high-quality solar panels will make it easy to get value for money. They are top-quality solar panels that assure homeowners the best customer experience as they operate different electrical appliances at home. Sometimes it is hard to save on utility bills and PosiGen solar power company staff members know about it. Solar panels are the best solution.

PosiGen’s Mission to Help Underserved Communities With Solar Energy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the federal government created 16 programs to help New Orleans residents upgrade and rebuild their homes. The problem was that only high-income people could qualify for the programs. That left lower-and-middle-income people with a desire to improve their homes but no way to do that. Then, the founders of PosiGen came up with an idea to allow these residents to put solar power in their homes at a price they could afford. Instead of being money hungry like many large corporations, the founders based their company on four business principles that still guide it today. 


Make a Positive Impact on Those They Serve 

The company has grown to at least five different states since 2005, but in each case, anyone associated with the company still wants to make a positive impact on those they serve. When people save money on their utilities, they can use those savings to make a better way for themselves and their communities. Therefore, PosiGen promises to never sell solar power to someone who will not benefit from it. 


Provide Job Opportunities 

Another principle that has always guided this company is to work with people who live in the communities that the company serves. Over 65% of PosiGen’s employees are people of color or women. 


Support Growth in Low-income Communities 

Many residents of low-income communities have outstanding ideas of what needs to be changed to help their communities thrive. In the past, the problem was that they often lacked the funds to implement those ideas but PosiGen found a solution. When we save people money on high utility bills by converting them to solar energy, they can use those funds to implement their ideas, making their communities a better place for everyone. 


Make an Environmental Impact 

Each customer that we can convert to solar energy helps protect the world a little bit. Added together, that impact becomes massive. Join us in building a better tomorrow by contacting PosiGen about their solar power today. 

How PosiGen is Transforming Lives through Solar Energy

PosiGen is a solar company committed to ensuring low-income earners have access to cheap energy, thus saving their utility bills. Its founders saw a disparity between the rich and poor, whose large population was people of color, and decided to bridge the gap. It works with its client’s interests at heart; hence, its solar helps clients save energy. According to PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart, by installing solar power, families can access clean energy and improve their living standards. To many, PosiGen has transformed its life by creating employment opportunities. Many of their staff are colored folks and women. It’s a significant source of income for families struggling to make ends meet. 


It has steered community development since they offer affordable energy. The renewable energy is not only safe but clean, thus contributing to a reduction in pollution. They have given individuals the power to generate energy at their premises, thus controlling the cost. Besides, it has proven to be an efficient service provider, and those who purchase or lease enjoy after-sale services. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart guarantees low monthly costs with fixed monthly payments. They also maintain and monitor the solar system during the lease period. Solar generation comes with a directional kilowatt meter showing the amount of energy consumed in a household. Since it’s grounded on consumer benefit, they ensure their clients are credited for the amount of power they produce. 


Thus they install two-directional kilowatt meters. If the power generated from the solar panels doesn’t meet a home’s demand, then additional energy is derived from the grid, reducing the electricity bill. However, if the power generated exceeds a home demand, the extra is delivered to the grid and exchanged for credits. The credits become handy when energy is low and are used as free electricity—either way, the client benefits by installing solar energy systems. According to PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart, the company does not just install solar energy; they run a thorough inspection to identify critical points in energy loss and air leaks. These are factors that make cooling and heating expenses. They push for more than clean energy and reduced bills by ensuring energy independence.