Alex Pissios: From Bust to Boon


The idea of filing bankruptcy has different meanings depending on who you ask. For one individual, it means a total loss of financial control. For another, it means hitting rock bottom with nowhere left to go.

The 3-Year Success Sprint

Have you ever owed a person, or worse, a bank, money? If so, you know that all-too-familiar sting of looking at your bank account and wondering where your next meal is coming from. Alex Pissios not only owed money, he owed a fortune. At the young age of 35, he needed to pay off over 13-million dollars of debt, and worse, he had no idea how to get started.

Fast forward to 2008 when Pissios began the next era of his life: the road to success. Pissios reignited a relationship with a distant cousin, Nick Mirkopoulos, who, among all things, was a successful entrepreneur.

Fast forward to a wedding in 2008 where Pissios’ and Mirkopoulos’ paths crossed once more, and we see how success often sprouts out of trivial interactions. Saving the technical details, Alex Pissios and Nick Mirkopoulous went on to form an impressive relationship that combined the world of real estate and film into one cohesive operation.

Pissios, knowing the harsh reality of failure, set out to scout the perfect location for this business to begin operations. Although there were ups and downs littered throughout the hunt, Alex Pissios landed on the ideal property: the Ryerson Steel Complex.

From 2008 to 2011, Pissios life was anything but easy, but in the end, he found massive success and reclaimed his confidence in real estate. Alex Pissios now has visions that include global expansion, establishing Chicago as a film and entertainment hub.

 OCEARCH and SeaWorld to Embark on Another Expedition to Study Sharks

OCEARCH and SeaWorld have agreed to work together in another expedition whose primary goal will be to study sharks. This is not the first expedition that these two research organizations have agreed to work on. On the contrary, the agreement is part of an ongoing collaboration between the two.

Dr. Montano, who is SeaWorld’s lead veterinarian, escorted a contingent of OCEARCH researchers along the coasts of North and South Carolina to study sharks. As a veterinarian, Dr. Montano’s main specialty has been reproduction. However, the collaboration will allow both organizations to explore the overall aspect of a shark’s wellbeing while paying close attention to its reproduction. Through this expedition, the researchers will be able to estimate the expected population and compare it with the current population to determine the probability of growth. Additionally, through this research, it will be much easier for the two research groups to make detailed conclusions on the health of the sharks.

The partnership will be a great deal because more research opportunities will be established. For instance, through her own research and input, Dr. Montano has been able to collect a wide range of samples from species based at SeaWorld. Therefore, through the partnership with OCEARCH, Dr. Montano will be able to use her skills broadly. Additionally, OCEARCH will rely on the information provided by Dr. Montano to come up with detailed research data that will enable both research entities to gather detailed information on the sharks. For instance, during the expedition, Dr. Montano was able to collect more than 20 samples from different sharks.

With illegal poaching and environmental degradation being some of the main challenges affecting marine life, the partnership between OCEARCH and SeaWorld undoubtedly provides an excellent opportunity to safeguard the sharks. This will be achieved through protecting their nurseries, breeding sites, and feeding grounds.  Read more: