Class Dojo Plus Helping teachers

ClassDojo Plus is a more advanced model of Class Dojo Home. The new application has more ways to ensure families can celebrate, connect and celebrate with their kids. It has been designed as optional as the ClassDojo Home remains inactive for use as it’s a free subscription. Class Dojo Plus is a premium service that requires being subscribed either monthly or yearly, depending on one preference. Families are given the first seven days to try to have a taste of the app.

Class Dojo Plus comes with the following features.

  • Points: The app gives the families the liberty to give their kids points depending on how they behave at home. The issues presented at home cannot influence the ends given in class, meaning they do not correlate. These points are not viewable by the teachers at all.
  • Rewards: For every race or competition, a premium is placed on the winner. For kids to get tips for their good behavior, they require behaving well to earn more points. Accumulation of many points leads to exchanging them with certain prizes placed at the app, thus encouraging always to do the best.
  • ClassDojo Plus provides more report data: It provides reports progressively, which the parent can generate daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly. By doing this, they can know the trends of their kids in classes and monitor their studies well.
  • Monster creator: It has helped the kids with creativity since it comes with brand new accessories and expressions.
  • Memories: parents can access their child’s projects, photos, and videos where they have been organized in a digital scrapbook. The memories help the parents to know their kid’s school life throughout the year. The access is very simple and well organized that every parent would wish for.

Having this Class Dojo Plus has helped the teachers have a more interactive teacher-parent relationship and improve the kid’s well-being.

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How ClassDojo Found Success in the Education Sector

ClassDojo is a technological interface that allows teachers and parents to stay informed and involved in the classroom. It also allows important updates to be communicated to parents from the teachers and schools. In its first eight years, the company seemed doomed to fail. They had no paid users, zero revenue, and a team that was stalled in growth. However, ClassDojo received tens of millions of venture capital thanks to prominent elite Silicon Valley investors including GSV, SignalFire, General Catalyst, and Y Combinator. Founder Sam Chaudhary says that the startup lasted so long without financial growth because he and his team believed in the future of the company and that it was a product fit for the long term.

Since 2011, the company has been slowly aggregating fans in public schools both in the United States and around the globe. Every engineer that works at ClassDojo serves a population that is comparable in size to the city of San Francisco. The company has benefited from its frugal approach to spending, as its core service is free for anyone to download and take advantage of. Currently, ClassDojo is being utilized by 51 million people across 180 countries.

In 2019, the company tested the loyalty of its growing customer base by launching its first monetization attempt with Beyond School. This service pairs in-school learning with tutorials that can be done at home. Within four months of launching Beyond School, ClassDojo hit profitability. With COVID-19 impacting education in 2020, the company tripled its revenue with the addition of hundreds of thousands of paid subscribers. They are a success story and prove that a company can be profitable, even after years of stagnant financial growth.