Caribou Dave Antrobus and his cofounder had a vision of making Caribou a global brand to reckon with when it comes to matters logistics. With this in mind, they outlined a roadmap on which they intended to realize this dream. One of the integral parts of this dream was technology which formed the basis of the company. Caribou got incorporated in early 2012, and they have been in the logistics industry for about 20 years now. The company has since made strides and grown to cover several areas in its quest for service delivery.

The West Drayton-based logistics company is one of the tech survey logistics companies both in the United Kingdom and internationally. The company has made deliberate efforts to integrate and digitize almost all its processes. At Caribou, drivers and clients interact through an online platform developed in partnership with one of the United Kingdom’s leading software development companies, Cuhu. The long-term vision informed the association with Cuhu of expanding to global logistics, a vision the technical director in charge of technology, Dave Antrobus, feels cannot get accomplished without technology.

The company is proud to be among the pioneer and a leader in the logistics I industry, and they are setting the pace for the others to benchmark from in matters of service delivery. The platform developed by Cuhu, dubbed Driver app brings the logistics process from the office and incorporates the client as part of the business proves. The application allows the driver to begin the delivery process by scanning the bar code attached to each consignment and the application while the longest distance from the delivery room to the client’s warehouse. Such routes allow the driver to save on time, recovering dead time that would have otherwise got wasted in traffic.


The application then notifies the client that their package got dispatched, and they can now track it either through the Driver application or through the Caribou website. The app has the driver GPS location embedded to allow easier tracking. Upon arrival at the warehouse, the app collects the warehouse GPS location. The client has to sign on the application—consequently, the application requests a photograph of the consignment at the warehouse as proof of delivery.

Beachbody Boosts Esteem

BeachbodyWhen a person gains weight and is categorized as overweight or obese, they often lose some of their self-esteem and confidence. They may feel self-conscious and uncomfortable about how they look, especially if they go to the beach, a pool or a gym. Carl Daikeler’s life’s work has been focused on helping people rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.

In the first part of Daikeler’s career, he was an NFL producer. He developed memorable halftime shows for live and televised audiences. In 1990, he joined the infomercial industry. The industry was growing, and he had a big part of that growth. Daikeler’s specialty was producing segments for health and fitness items. Those were popular with people all over the USA, and he spent some time determining why. He ultimately put together the ideas and facts that going to the gym is pricey and a hassle, people have busy lives and can’t always fit in a trip to the gym, childcare or juggling work schedules is hard, and people don’t necessarily want to exercise in front of someone else.

The 1998 launch of Beachbody helped solve a lot of these problems for people. Daikeler’s business was a huge hit. He initially released 12 DVDs, and each of them had a 30-minute workout. People found them to be motivational and enjoyable, and they stuck with the program. It wasn’t long before Daikeler was asked to film more, and he did. He produced a few new workouts each month. By 2015, there were more than 300 options. He also set up Beachbody on Demand and OpenFit, a social and fitness app.


Nutrition also plays a role in weight control. To help people with that aspect of fitness, Carl Daikeler developed Shakeology. The product line was released in 2009. He created a sampler pack and large envelope sizes to accommodate people’s needs. The protein powder is available in two varieties: whey and plant-based. Consumers mix the powder with the cold milk of their choice, and they create a refreshing and satisfying shake. Just one serving of a Shakeology shake contains 16 grams of protein and fiber.


How Robinson Helicopter Company is Paying Attention to Fuel Consumption in Helicopters

Robinson HelicopterThere are very many aspects that most helicopter buyers have been considering before making the final decision. Everyone who is buying something that is very expensive must pay attention to some of the many issues that are used in describing the entire item so that they can make sure that they have made the right decisions. Without paying attention to such issues, it is essential to indicate that most of the buyers will be making some major mistakes.

Luckily, Robinson Helicopter Company understands most of the issues that customers will be checking and has made sure that all the necessary aspects that customers will be looking to analyze have been figured out as needed. It is the hope of this organization that everything that the customers will be looking to get will be paying attention to their specific needs.

One of the common factors that most helicopter buyers have been analyzing has everything to do with fuel consumption. This is something that is usually analyzed by every other auto buyer as fuel stands out as one of the regular expenses that the buyers will be addressing. This is the main reason why most of the buyers want to make sure they have some detailed understanding of fuel consumption.

Robinson Helicopter

It is obvious that jet fuel is not one of the cheapest fuels out there in the world. Studies show that jet fuel is one of the most expensive hydrocarbons in the world today. That is why every helicopter buyer must make sure they have all the information about fuel consumption so that they can make appropriate decision with regards to the amount of money they have at hand.

Robinson Helicopter Company has been in this sector for very many years and understands the issue of fuel consumption. That is why the organization has been doing everything necessary to make sure that it offers a variety of helicopters. This means that the organization does not only offer a single model of a helicopter that will restrict the decisions of the buyers. The goal of the organization is to come up with something that will meet the needs of the buyers.

 OCEARCH and SeaWorld to Embark on Another Expedition to Study Sharks

OCEARCH and SeaWorld have agreed to work together in another expedition whose primary goal will be to study sharks. This is not the first expedition that these two research organizations have agreed to work on. On the contrary, the agreement is part of an ongoing collaboration between the two.

Dr. Montano, who is SeaWorld’s lead veterinarian, escorted a contingent of OCEARCH researchers along the coasts of North and South Carolina to study sharks. As a veterinarian, Dr. Montano’s main specialty has been reproduction. However, the collaboration will allow both organizations to explore the overall aspect of a shark’s wellbeing while paying close attention to its reproduction. Through this expedition, the researchers will be able to estimate the expected population and compare it with the current population to determine the probability of growth. Additionally, through this research, it will be much easier for the two research groups to make detailed conclusions on the health of the sharks.

The partnership will be a great deal because more research opportunities will be established. For instance, through her own research and input, Dr. Montano has been able to collect a wide range of samples from species based at SeaWorld. Therefore, through the partnership with OCEARCH, Dr. Montano will be able to use her skills broadly. Additionally, OCEARCH will rely on the information provided by Dr. Montano to come up with detailed research data that will enable both research entities to gather detailed information on the sharks. For instance, during the expedition, Dr. Montano was able to collect more than 20 samples from different sharks.

With illegal poaching and environmental degradation being some of the main challenges affecting marine life, the partnership between OCEARCH and SeaWorld undoubtedly provides an excellent opportunity to safeguard the sharks. This will be achieved through protecting their nurseries, breeding sites, and feeding grounds.  Read more:

 Eterneva Company Offers Professional Services for Spectroscopy and Ultrasonic Residue Removal

“At Eterneva we celebrate impressive individuals and beloved pets by transforming their ashes into gorgeous diamonds,” says the website of Eterneva. In keeping with tradition, Eterneva makes use of a three-tiered cremation process that involves the use of two levels of heat. The first level of heating surrounds the recipient in super-hot ashes, while the second heat disperses the ash throughout the memorial container. When it comes time to cut the diamonds from these remains, They use diamond cutting equipment which has been patented in the United States.

“Eterneva’s unique diamond technology offers the best solution to the problem of disposing of human remains following a death,” says Dr. Arnold J. Zilberman, Director of the Science and Engineering Department at the University of Miami School of Medicine. “Zilberman notes that this unique lab-grown diamond processing technology may have important implications for the use of human remains in forensic applications and that the technology could someday replace many of the customary methods of cutting diamonds.” What are some other advantages of Eterneva’s service of using memorial diamonds created from cremated remains? According to Dr. Zilberman, “Eterneva’s three-tiered system is both safe and highly effective. During the second stage, the hot ash is gradually cooled by low-energy jets, and diamond crystals are quickly formed. This final step avoids the possibility of fire-related accidents that can be so harmful.”

Another study conducted by researchers at the University of Miami School of Medicine and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Human Nutrition found that their system had remarkably positive results when it came to successfully process a sample of cremated remains from a patient who had pancreatic cancer. The research team reported that the procedure produced “a high density, tightly rolled diamond that was nearly as smooth as a diamond molecule and about 50 percent finer than a diamond of the same size”. “The formation of this diamond was a remarkable achievement,” said Zilberman, “and further studies are still being completed to determine how this process influences pancreatic cancer.” In conclusion, Dr. Zilberman states, “This procedure seems to hold great promise for the use of human remains in forensic applications and could very well replace the current method of working with cold diamond powder or other forms of capaciousness.” Learn more:

Robinson Helicopter Company

The history of Robinson Helicopter Company

Robinson HelicopterIn 1973, Frank Robinson initiated the Robinson Helicopter Company. Although other aviation companies were offering such services, Frank had the urge to produce world-class quality and the most reliable helicopters. He meant to reach this goal in the most cost-effective way there could ever be.

In 1979, the company produced its first helicopter, which was known as the 2-place piston-powered R22. The aircraft became famous among the helicopter private owners and aviation schools. The fact that it was cost-friendly also increased the number of its sales. In 1992, Frank Robinson led the company to the production of the second helicopter, which was an improvement of the first. It was named the 4-place R44. The aircraft had a more powerful engine and performed better even in higher altitudes and hotter temperatures. In 2002, the company produced the Raven II. That was later followed by the production of the R66, which was certified by the FAA in 2010. Over the years, the company has continued to improve on the helicopters they design and offer to the market. The R44 Cadet and the 2-place R44 are good examples of the improvements they have done on the existing models.

What does the company offer?

To date, Robinson Helicopter Company has produced over 13,000 helicopters. With the advancement in technology, the company offers helicopters for private use, learning institutions, and cargo purposes. That is evident in the R66, which has a cargo hook that allows the aircraft to transport external loads during the flight. The company also offers safety courses for flight instructors and maintenance courses for the safety team.

Who owns the business?

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter Company is a family-owned business with the president and the chief executive officer being Frank Robinson. Robinson founded the company in California, where most of the production and assembling of the helicopters occur. Today, the company has a worldwide network with over 400 centers and dealers. The many dealers allow the company to run its business effectively, ensuring that its products get to the clients in whatever part of the world.

Roland Dickey Jr Attains Significant Leadership Milestones as the Barbecue Restaurant

The United States is ranked among the countries with the best hospitality industry, following the quality of the restaurants available. This is not a lie since there are large casual chains in the country that owns enticing restaurants distributed in major cities across the country. In addition, note that the hospitality industry attracts tourists and individuals from different localities, increasing the income streams of a given country.

Every major city in the United States owns an incredible restaurant that accommodates people from different localities. The Italian submarine is among the highly developed chain of restaurants located in different parts of the country known for its meals having an Italian accent. This chain of restaurants has covered the entire part of the North America, where the restaurants are mainly distributed.

Even though many fast-casual companies have dominated the northern part of America entirely, there is a casual franchise chain that has taken over the management of the southern part of the country. This is the Dickey’s Barbecue Pit that has taken charge of the hospitality sector of the southern part of the country. Under the leadership of Roland Dickey Jr, the company is growing at a remarkable speed for the past few years.

Note that Dickey Jr is the third-generation president of the company who was given the management responsibility of the family business in 2006. Dickey Jr has taken the barbecue restaurant to the next quality levels in the hospitality sector. Since 2006 when he took over the management responsibilities, the company has grown drastically compared to other potential hospitality startups across the United States.

Roland Dickey Jr is one of the descendants of Travis Dickey, who established the Dickey Barbecue Pit in the United States. Dickey Jr is considered among the transformational leaders that the company has ever had since when it was formed. The company has attained significant development strides under the leadership of Dickey Jr.

 Questions Answered About Hong Kong’s QNET

QNET is a direct selling company that’s based in Hong Kong. Following in the tradition of other direct selling firms like Avon and Amway, it uses independent distributors to sell its products and services. Some people have said that QNET is a scam, but the evidence shows that isn’t the case.

The direct selling industry has been around since the middle of the 1800s. It became popular in the 1950s when Amway and Avon were founded. Today, it’s a very popular industry in emerging markets around the world. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 44% of the industry’s global revenue.

The direct selling industry has a bad reputation as one that isn’t worth getting into. QNET is a leading global company that shows how a company in the industry should behave to benefit its independent contractors and consumers. It’s shown during its 20+ year history that it’s the real deal.

It’s a company that offers high-quality products and services in Asia and Africa. Its independent contractors make money based on the volume of sales they achieve. The company started out as GoldQuest in 1998 as the founders built their own company after being burned when the American company they were doing business with suddenly went out of business.

They first sold commemorative gold coins for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They started selling vacation packages in 2002. In 2006, they began selling nutritional supplements and other wellness products. They now sell beauty, personal care, education, home care, watches, jewelry, and other products and services in almost 100 countries.

In an illegal pyramid scheme, independent contractors get a bonus for recruiting other people to sell a company’s products. With this company, that isn’t the case. They only make money by selling the company’s products and services. They follow all the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

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 SeaWorld Helps Animals Get Well

Seaworld is not just for fun and entertainment. This theme park is helping stranded and hurt animals. Here are some ways Seaworld recently made an impact in an animal’s life.

A team of volunteers was able to save a loggerhead turtle that was stranded. The turtle had a dangerous body temperature level when they found it on the Oregon coast. The turtle went to Sea World San Diego, where they cared for her until she was healthy enough to be released back into the ocean. SeaWorld has helped stranded turtles and turtles with other life-threatening situations for over a decade. Sea World has rescued over 2,000 turtles.

Turtles are not the only animals that Sea World rescues and rehabilitates. Five manatees were recently released back into their natural environment because of Sea World rehabilitation services. Two of the manatees were calves that had to be cared for until they were large enough to be released into the wild. The other three manatees were experiencing cold stress at the time of their rescue.

Sea World Orlando is known as one of the best manatee rehabilitation facilities available. This facility also collaborates with several agencies to deliver optimal care to manatees. Some of the agencies they collaborate with are the U.S. Department of the Interior and the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Sea World has rehabilitated over 600 manatees and released them back into the wild. They have also rescued over 38,000 different marine animals. Sea World also raises millions of dollars to fund rescue projects around the world.

Sea World is a theme park doing its part to help and protect animals around the world. The next time you go to Sea World Orlando with friends or family, consider participating in the park’s new Manatee Rehabilitation tour. It will make your trip educational and more memorable.

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How Fortress Investment Group has improved the finance industry

Fortress Investment Group has always had many positive reviews from customers. The story of the top performing organization did not just start the other day. In 1998, several finance gurus based in New York and other neighboring states came together for a business deal. All the three experienced finance were renowned leaders of various successful organizations.

With the knowledge about consumer demands played the biggest role for the New York investors. Their knowledge concerning investments and how to avoid messing with consumer assets was crucial in making everything fall into place.

Fortress Investment Group moved so fast with its expansion initiatives for the first years of operations. Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger divided the roles of the organizations amongst themselves. Unlike modern leaders who clash because of top positions and shares, these three personalities were always solving their problems together.

Handling customer demands and keeping customers in the organization with positive comments is what the leaders kept their minds on.

Fortress Investment Group has a great and attractive history. When private organization are recognized because of what they do to the customers, Fortress Investment Group is always top in the list.

The platform has made United States clients start to appreciate the financial services department after losing their trust in 2007. Unlike thousands of top organizations that are only targeting profits from the customers, the top facility loves to meet the requirements of the customers When Americans heard about the purchase of Fortress Investment Group several years ago, they were excited because of the new offers that came their way.

After the acquisition, the organization was still required to operate independently under its former leadership. Softbank, the huge institution responsible for the complicated operation had a very difficult time purchasing Fortress. The institution paid a huge sum to investors and principals of the firm.