Ross Levinsohn is Bringing Needed Change to the Media Industry

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is the CEO of Sports Illustrated and Maven. He has career experience in media, technology and finance. Ross attended the American University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in communications. He has been the CEO of Fox Interactive Media, Guggenheim Digital Media and the Tribune Interactive. He has also been one of CNBC’s on-air contributors and worked for several renowned media brands as an advisor and strategist.

In 2019, Ross became the CEO of Sports Illustrated. Also, during 2019, Authentic Brands Group (ABG) obtained Sports illustrated. Several weeks later, ABG licensed the publication’s digital rights and print to Maven, which is a union featuring more than 300 different media brands. In the summer of 2020, Maven confirmed that Ross Levinsohn would also be its CEO.

Sports Illustrated began releasing magazines in August of 1954. The publication is one of the country’s top magazines. It has been honored with the National Magazine Award two times and featured articles about incredible athletes like Muhammad Ali and Mickey Mantle. While the publication has moved forward with the times by launching a website in 1997, its industry has transformed even more.

Ross Levinsohn is bringing change to the publishing industry by shifting Sports Illustrated away from its previous revenue-based advertising platform to one that features premium memberships. Levinsohn said, “We experienced unprecedented circumstances in 2020. We’re making forward-thinking changes to thrive in a volatile market.”

After ABG took over Sports Illustrated, the publication has experienced a major turnaround. It is profitable once again. Sports Illustrated is seeing its online readership grow. In fact, the website is now bringing in more than 38 million viewers.

Not only has Levinsohn turned things around for Sports Illustrated, but the CEO has also brought change to the media industry. For instance, he is making sure that articles are written by trusted sources. He is also focusing on ways to increase reader loyalty instead of only wooing new subscribers. Levinsohn recommends implementing retention tactics like decreasing prices for long-term subscribers and offering a print-digital bundle. This is causing other media sources to take notice.

With forward-looking people like Ross Levinsohn influencing media, the industry is sure to remain helpful and relevant.

CEO Carl Daikeler Increases Revenue at BeachBody

BeachbodyWhen BeachBody was established in 1998 by Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler, its guiding mission was to produce fitness products to help individuals meet their wellness goals at home. Daikeler has progressively increased the brand’s popularity and its revenue stream over the years as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

By relying on his extensive expertise in product development, media buying, marketing and other key factors, he launched the company’s product line with the release of 8-Minute Abs. This was soon followed by an extensive range of additional fitness and workout programs. Some of the most noteworthy options in its expansive product lineup include 21-Day Fix, P90X, Shakeology, Body Beast and 21-Day Fix.

BeachBody also benefited from Carl Daikeler’s marketing ingenuity in other ways. For example, he broke into the exciting world of social media marketing, and he used social media influencers and customer influencers for BeachBody’s benefit long before many companies did so.

BeachbodyWhen the pandemic broke out in 2019, many gym members were displaced when their gyms were closed. Options like Peloton Interactive and Nautilus Bowflex appealed to some of these individuals because of the variety of workouts they provided. However, these fitness solutions required the purchase of expensive workout equipment. Carl Daikeler saw the opportunity to appeal to individuals who wanted a varied workout at a more affordable price. He released BeachBody On-Demand as a subscription service for only $99, and this solution offered 80 workout videos for viewing via streaming technology.

Carl Daikeler has elevated the company’s revenue from day one up to its current level of $1 billion. He also directly impacted the company’s value increase to $2.3 billion today. As this CEO continues to be a force at BeachBody, you can expect BeachBody’s growth to continue.

Vik Bansal Discusses Post-Pandemic Recovery For Australia's Manufacturing Sector

Vik Bansal is among the most respected business leaders globally thanks to his prosperous two-decade career that has had him serving as an executive in notable enterprises in North America, Asia, and Australia. Currently, he is the CEO of InfraBuild, the leading steel manufacturer, recycler, and distributor in Australia. The country’s manufacturing sector was among those hardest hit by the pandemic. Now that the pandemic is slowly fading, the industry is embarking on recovering to its former glory. Recently, Vik Bansal discussed post-pandemic recovery for Australia’s manufacturing sector.

The launch of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative

The InfraBuild CEO mentioned that the Covid-19 pandemic laid bare that Australia had let its manufacturing sector deteriorate from its glory days in the 1970s when it made up about 30% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. He pointed out that as the sector gears to start post-pandemic recovery, the government has seen it fit to offer its support. This support comes in the form of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI), a fund worth $1.3 billion designed to boost the sector to its glory days. Vik Bansal stated that besides providing manufacturing enterprises with a grant for them to expand their operations, the fund is also meant to encourage more sustainable practices in the sector. He added that MMI also aims to develop the local market for the manufacturing industry, as the pandemic has made it clear that overreliance on the international market can also be a problem and more

About Vik Bansal

Vik Bansal boasts having outstanding academic qualifications, including the INSEAD Advanced Management Program certification, a Masters in Business Administration, and an Electrical Engineering degree. He previously served as the CEO of Cleanaway, the top Australian waste management company. Bansal is a member of Engineers Australia and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is also credited as the National Waste and Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) founding member.

 Ways to Succeed in Private Equity: Gary McGaghey, Expert at Williams Lea Tag CFO and Private Equities

Gary McGaghey joined Williams Lea Tag in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer and Group CFO. McGaghey has extensive experience as a financial officer for international companies, most recently serving as the Vice President and Group CFO for Red Bull North America, Inc. In his new role, he will have responsibility for the company’s finance function and will work closely with management to ensure effective execution of its strategic initiatives.

Williams Lea Tag: It is an exciting time for us, and we are very pleased to have Mr. McGaghey on board to help us meet our goals and objectives going forward. Gary has extensive experience in this position having served as the Chief Financial Officer and Group CFO of multinational companies. He joins a company that provides international risk management solutions to clients in over 130 countries. See more information at

Gary McGaghey has been appointed to the Board of Directors for X. Mr. McGaghey has a history as a Chief Financial Officer for global enterprises and brings an incredible wealth of talent and experience to this new position. He will be a valuable asset to the company’s board as he is qualified in finance, management, and leadership.

McGaghey has an extensive background in finance, having served as the chief financial officer of global enterprises including Starbucks and Nike. He prides himself in wide experience in private equity and operational management, having spent the last 18 years at Goldman Sachs. He led the firm’s Private Equity Group from 1997 to 2004, and was a member of the Management Committee from 2000 to 2004. He will be working to create new partnerships and investments for the company. The company is looking forward to his expertise and leadership, and they are confident that he will help them grow their portfolio of holdings.

The experience with Broadleaf Capital Partners and Broadleaf Capital Partners II, in turn, led to the position as the CFO of US-based Sweet Manufacturing Company, a global distributor of chilled drinks. In his role as CFO of an international company, Gary will be responsible for expanding the margins of Williams Lea Ta

How Isidoro Quiroga Has Been a Successful Investor in the Real Estate

Among the most respected investors in the world, today are those who have been investing in the real estate business. This is not one of the simplest sectors out there in the world. It is an industry that has led to the collapse of very many entities that have been working towards achieving consistent success and growth in this area. There are very many challenges that this industry faces on a regular basis, which explains why it is a complex sector where most people cannot achieve what they want.

However, there have been people who have managed to handle the real estate business and emerged as winners in their industrial operations. Isidoro Quiroga is one of the few investors who have been working towards analyzing this sector and looking for success where it has been missing. This is something that he has been trying to have for very many years and has achieved consistent growth owing to the following reasons.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Isidoro Quiroga has always been very focused on investing in commercial real estate. This is an industry that has had very few people who have been considering making maximum use of the necessary resources by analyzing what has been happening in this market. It is a very profitable venture that has always been essential in ensuring that anyone who has been investing in this area has been getting the resources they have intended to get with ease.

Investing in Residential Real Estate

Isidoro Quiroga did not only invest in the commercial real estate industry. He was also involved in analyzing what was happening in the investment activities that focused on making maximum use of the residential properties. This is an area that has never been used by a huge number of people because they do not believe that it is profitable enough to give them huge amounts of money. However, he has been investing in this area with the hope of getting the necessary profits.

Generally, Isidoro has consistently proven to be a very good business leader who has understood the real estate industry in detail. This is a sector where other investors have not been succeeding. However, owing to his knowledge and analysis in this sector, it is worth indicating that it has always been very easier for him to achieve consistent success in a sector where other people have not been able to make any inroads out there in the business world.

Read more about Isidro Quiroga here.

Eduardo Sonoda’s Deep Expertise in Wealth Management Perseveres through Banking Changes

The global assets of the banking industry have recovered since the global financial crisis of 2008. They are now hitting new highs. The banking industry is now experiencing rapid change as new, disruptive startups are competing with traditional banks. The younger generations also have different needs and methods of doing business that banks are now adapting to.

Mobile and online banking are becoming necessary services for banks that want to attract and retain customers. Banks now need to configure their services to offer smooth mobile and online banking experiences. They also need to develop systems to keep users’ data secure and to share data securely only when necessary for a smooth transaction.

The changes to banking have also ushered in new regulations to help protect customers against financial abuse, monitor threats to US financial stability, and empower the Federal Reserve with more powers to oversee banking activity. Because of the strict regulations in the banking industry, BaaS, or Banking as a Service, has emerged to provide additional services on top of traditional banking services. Investment banking has now also undergone many changes. Artificial Intelligence and robo-advisors help identify profitable strategies. However, the need for a human advisor with deep experience is still necessary for an advisor-client relationship to go smoothly.

Eduardo Sonoda works in Geneva, Switzerland. Eduardo Sonoda is the General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Quintet Capital, positions which he has held since April 2018. Previously, Eduardo Sonoda worked at several other banks and was a sub-Director for Brazilian clients. His expertise is in wealth management, industry fund management, and financial advice.

The Gulf Coast Western CEO Matthew Fleeger

Matthew FleegerGulf Coast Western is an oil and Gas Company based in Dallas and is directed by Matthew Fleeger, the remarkable CEO who has facilitated its growth and development. The oil and gas market platform has, over the years, been facing lots of challenges across the globe and mostly in developing countries, but this did not stop Matthew Fleeger and his company from rising.

Considering the challenges that face the oil and gas industry in changing economic waves and also in technological developments, forcing many companies to come at a closure and others changing their mode of functions, Gulf Coast Western has ensured awareness of such challenges and managed to fight against them by improving the productivity of its daily operations.

Matthew Fleeger has successfully developed the company to the level of it being active in the United States. Gulf Coast Western is also active in Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana and has more properties in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Alabama.

Gulf Coast Western has joint ventures and general partnerships in Managing the Ventures of Gas &Oil. This podium has earned them popularity in great success in the growth of the investors in the industry. Being in business for more than 40 years, the company stands out in the success history of its enormous growth rate and overcoming many obstacles in the industry.

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew took over in Gulf Coast Western from his father. The company was founded in 1970, and the aim was to focus on obtaining and developing local oil and gas assets in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, especially in the rich and resourceful areas like Louisiana and Texas.

Mr Fleeger of Dallas joined the company in 1986. He worked alongside his father and acquired his knowledge and professional skills under his mentorship. Being skilled in their medical career, Matthew grew interested in the Oil and gas industry. He is now established as a very significant entrepreneur in Oil and gas industry.

Gary McGaghey CFO William Lea Tag Exemplary Financial Genius

Gary McGaghey has been employed as the CFO and private equities specialist of Williams Lea Tag for almost two years. Williams Lea Tag is a global marketing and communications agency located in London, England. The communications company serves Africa, Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Prior to being the CFO at Williams Lea Tag, Gary McGaghey was the CFO at Nelson’s. McGaghey has worked in the financial business since 1993. McGaghey held many job positions, including CFO, CEO, Vice President of Finance, company director, and COO,

Gary McGaghey is educated in the financial field. McGaghey received his bachelor”s in Commerce. In 1989, McGaghey became qualified as an African qualified chartered accountant, earned a B Common honors in accounting, undergraduate degrees in corporate law, corporate finance, and Tax & Economics. In 1990, McGaghey received a post bachelor’s degree in Commerce. By 1991, Gary McGaghey was a chartered accountant in South Africa. McGaghey received a post bachelor’s degree in finance. In 1992, McGagehy passed his CIMA exam at Chartered Institute of Manager Accountants degree in his certificate. Finally, in 2015, McGaghey received a Non-Exec diploma from the Financial Times. The diploma is a seventh-level postgraduate.

Williams Lea Tag was founded in 1820 by Derek Banker in London, England. Toby Codrington became the global company’s CEO in 2017. After many decades of rebranding, William Lea Tag went from offering page layout, mail processing, printing, and bulk mail to private equity and legal services. Tag supports over 140 countries. The private equity company has 42 companies all over the globe and six regional hubs worldwide. In 2011, the executives of William Lea Tag purchased Tag. Tag is a private equity company. William Lea Tag offers commercial plans along with optimal financing.

Alejandro Betancourt Understands That Strong Teams Can Lead to Quick Success

Most new businesses do not expect to achieve financial success immediately but, some team ideas gain a following quickly. Hawkers Co. is a fashion eyewear company that successfully used social media as part of its strategy to break into the market.

The early success of the business venture was a team effort but, many people give a lot of credit to current President Alejandro Betancourt.

The founders of this eyewear company did not originally intend to break into fashion. Their first intention was to create a Spanish version of the popular classifieds website Craigslist. In searching to establish the original venture, the team created a business that brought in $60 million in revenue within two years.

Success came quickly for the team but, their journey was not without difficulties to overcome. Their products were selling well but, costs were rising as well. It was at this point the team turned to successful investor Alejandro Betancourt.

Betancourt had achieved success working for the O’Hara Administration investment group. He learned from his experience why some ventures succeed and, the team at Hawkers knew that he could help their growing business.

The team’s strategy was to give consumers high-quality sunglasses at low prices. This strategy made the glasses attractive to young consumers and, Alejandro Betancourt understood that their best marketing tool was social media.

The team used Instagram and Facebook to show youth how dynamic their brand is. However, the company also places a great value on their customers and their opinions. These simple strategies helped the company to reach customers throughout the world and find success almost immediately.

Alejandro Betancourt has stated that the key to success is building teams that work together to perform at a high level. He also used his knowledge of investing and marketing to help Hawkers establish a quality brand that found its niche in a crowded fashion eyewear market.

Peter Briger Is A Leading Figure Behind Fortress Investment

Peter Briger is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group and is a leading businessman working in the United States. As the company’s co-chairman, Peter Briger is directly responsible for major direction changes in the company and has brought new growth and collaborations to the company over the years. Peter became the company’s co-chairman back in 2009 but is also a holder of various other titles for the company as well. Today, his major position at the company has him responsible for managing real estate and credit aspects for the company and its clients. Before taking on his reputable position at Fortress Investment, Peter Briger was building his skills and credibility at Goldman Sachs, where he spent more than a decade climbing the corporate ladder. After becoming company partner back in 1996, Peter started looking for new opportunities where the accomplishments were his and directly influenced his success and more

Peter Briger is a dedicated philanthropist as well, actively giving support to various worthwhile causes, including servicing a network of various schools around the country. Peter’s extensive experience and foundational skills were built from his time at Pennsylvania University, where he earned his masters in business administration. He also earned his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. Fortress Investment Group was founded back in 1998 by Peter and his two partners and is one of the leading investments firms in the United States today. Peter is one of the leading men responsible for Fortress Investment’s growth over the past decade, bringing in major revenue to the company even within the credit department. Peter Briger has long been coordinating strategic moves for the company that is going to increase the company’s projected growth and the ownership of Softbank is going to push things forward at an accelerated rate by allowing for more than two billion dollars to be raised for use in direct lending at the company.