How Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has been marketing Hawkers

Marketing is paramount for the success of any company. The kind of marketing you select for your firm determines the success of your sells in the competitive market. The process can be extremely costly when companies are using several influencers. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez did not want to make losses when he partnered with Hawkers five years ago. The business guru chose to work with students who loved the brand from the start. The company promised to offer the students some incentives such as plane tickets, festive tickets and concerts instead of offering of giving them cash. The facility started to partner with individuals who already had a good social media following. With one thousand followers on Facebook, the students could get the deal. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez gave each student influencer a pair of Hawkers sunglasses and a promo code. The students would get special discounts and several awards when purchases were made. These are the individuals who market the brand in the global community. The feedback from the customers is sent to the company, making sure that there are less complains from the clients.

Successful business ideas, according to Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, come after a lot of creativity and productivity. The executive speaks to many people concerning his businesses, and this is how he gets to understand their concerns and experiences when using his products. The opinions of his customers are what gives Alejandro Betancourt Lopez time to re-think and re-strategize what is best for everyone. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez began his angel investing many years ago after his degree. The business guru from Venezuela is born by a musician, but he wanted to venture into business so that he could create employment opportunities for many people. The executive wants to bring change into the global community, just like his successful grandfather. The businessman has several successful brands behind his name.

Joseph Ashford establishes K4 Global

K4 Global is a marketing and communication firm located in London. Joseph Ashford Ellis established it in 2014. Under his leadership, the company has consistently provided clients with numerous security and asset management services. The company has also been offering services for seven years, thus helping in boosting the economy. Since its inception, it has become a disruptive player in the industry. The aim of the company has been to improve the living standard the London residents. K4 Global has always provided strategic planning and financial services to its clients. To achieve its goals, they have been hiring experts to help manage the business. The staff aims at maximizing profit and saving time and resources. The company also provides unique investment practices that will help in boosting sales. Offering solutions to business problems has also been part of their roles.

The company branched into numerous ventures to serve clients to satisfaction. Opulence by K4 is among its subsidiaries that focus on industrial and residential property management in the UK. The experience looks forward to developing a residential property in Bournemouth that will increase the company’s value by percent.

The firm has a unique culture; thus, they have always been successful. Joseph Ashford Ellis came up with practices that will guide them in their daily chores and making individual decisions. In addition, the staff has also been focusing on clients, thus boosting the company’s growth. Those practices have been attracting clients to the company.

Joseph Ashford Ellis has encouraged the staff to work hard to ensure the company runs smoothly, even if it means being available on weekends. The firm has resulted in more residents in Bournemouth getting employment opportunities. Joseph believes that the willingness to serve customers begins with the top leaders. Employees should also put in what is required to meet the customer’s expectations.

Alex Pissios: From Bust to Boon


The idea of filing bankruptcy has different meanings depending on who you ask. For one individual, it means a total loss of financial control. For another, it means hitting rock bottom with nowhere left to go.

The 3-Year Success Sprint

Have you ever owed a person, or worse, a bank, money? If so, you know that all-too-familiar sting of looking at your bank account and wondering where your next meal is coming from. Alex Pissios not only owed money, he owed a fortune. At the young age of 35, he needed to pay off over 13-million dollars of debt, and worse, he had no idea how to get started.

Fast forward to 2008 when Pissios began the next era of his life: the road to success. Pissios reignited a relationship with a distant cousin, Nick Mirkopoulos, who, among all things, was a successful entrepreneur.

Fast forward to a wedding in 2008 where Pissios’ and Mirkopoulos’ paths crossed once more, and we see how success often sprouts out of trivial interactions. Saving the technical details, Alex Pissios and Nick Mirkopoulous went on to form an impressive relationship that combined the world of real estate and film into one cohesive operation.

Pissios, knowing the harsh reality of failure, set out to scout the perfect location for this business to begin operations. Although there were ups and downs littered throughout the hunt, Alex Pissios landed on the ideal property: the Ryerson Steel Complex.

From 2008 to 2011, Pissios life was anything but easy, but in the end, he found massive success and reclaimed his confidence in real estate. Alex Pissios now has visions that include global expansion, establishing Chicago as a film and entertainment hub.

Jack Mason defines the new rules of working as a team

Jack MasonJack Mason has had different achievements over the years. One being he is the CEO of Inc & C0. The company is well known in digital enterprises for its rapid growth. He has a keen eye for creating great teams, reason why he has worked with different companies. Throughout Jack career, he has recruited employees that have become energy-driven teams, built efficient business departments. He believes that everyone deserves a second chance, and success is self-driven. Inc & Co’s number one mission has been to get digital enterprises and support them to attain their ambitions.

Jack Mason, Inc & Co CEO, has ensured that they offer new strategies that ensure enterprises get the best business opportunities and the investment accelerates. New members are welcomed with access to Inc & Co’s shared resources. The shared resources include sales, HR, financial framework and marketing. Jack has acquired many industries while at Inc & Co Neon and Brass, Cuhu a mobile app development company, MyLife Digital, Laundrapp that offers laundry services, and Skylab and Insight Analysis.

In the first year of Inc & Co as a collaborative collective, Jack Mason and his colleagues achieved impressive accomplishments. The company gained a $10 million turnover, and the income increased by $11% with the twelve months. Through Jack Mason, Inc & Co CEO, the number of businesses seeking the company’s help has grown. The success they have achieved is because Jack has continued to customize services. Through customization, each company gets to achieve its positioned goals. Also, Jack believes that the workplace should be a safe place for each employee.

Jack Mason

The team over the years has honored their Texas roots, and the goal in the watch industry is to bring back the milestone moment. In every watch they manufacture, they want to bring a timepiece passed from generation to generation. Jack Mason’s is set to bring back the family heirloom that has been forgotten in the modern fashion world. The watches are built to last a lifetime. Jack Mason believes that to achieve business success; there is no working alone. He gets people that can make the magic happen.

 Life of Darien Dash the Chief Executive of Movement Management Company

Darien Dash is a passionate entrepreneur known as the director of Movement Management Advisors. He is an active advisor equipped with helpful ideas. Darien has managed to guide some huge companies such as private and commercial banks, government officials, professional athletes and entrepreneurs. He helps his clients in identify threats in their areas, guide them in creating opportunities and lastly, he helps them identify high value strategic partners. He has worked as an advisor for over 30 years working with various industries this has turned him into a professional advisor. Currently Darien is focusing on working with the sports, media and entertainment industries in strategic planning and capital market access. He was working to ensure all minorities access music and internet services. Dash begun his innovative career in 1994 where he founded his first company the DME Interactive Holdings.

In his first interview he narrated his journey towards forming the Movement Management Advisor. He stated that he developed the idea of creating the company while he was still working for other companies. This when he realized that he can also form his own company that will help other firms grow their businesses. His interest was also feeling the gap formed as a result of demographics. At his work place he was not allowed to distribute boxes due to some demographic differences. The management believed that the urban would not pay for the services. This is where the idea to create his company came from. Just by observing Dash had identified a huge market for his product. He begun by expanding small hardware and infrastructure companies in the region. His focus was on creating equal market chances for all firms.

To ensure large sale of products he connected school boards, community organizations and government bodies. His target was organizations that dealt with local commodities. He applied various techniques such as advertisements, door to door campaigns and sending of direct mails. He received funding from families, friends and capitalists such as Mason Hill.


Ross Levinsohn Understands All Aspects Of Media Publishing

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has been instrumental in the growth and development of the media publishing industry. As the CEO of Maven, he has taken the company to new heights. He is constantly focusing on the critical aspects of media publishing that make the industry successful. As a veteran of the industry, he has the knowledge to make certain things work. He is helping to develop certain technologies at Maven that will take the industry into the future. These technologies will form the backbone of digital publishing.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been crucial to the development of modern analytics. In fact, the largest companies in the world now utilize these technologies to grow even faster. They understand that analytics is a fundamental piece of digital publishing and advertising. Without analytics, you wouldn’t have any idea of who your visitors are. You can use analytics to understand everything about your visitors, translating into better advertising towards them. As long as the industry makes its money from advertising, analytics will be a crucial component.


Maven specializes in monetization because this is a part of digital publishing that many companies get wrong. It is also the most important part of running a business, and this is why most Internet companies end up failing. There are various tools you can use to get more insights from your current visitors, which will translate into more revenue. This is where many Internet companies are going, and Ross Levinsohn understands the reason for it.

Content Publishing

Digital publishing is nothing without the technology that forms the backbone of this industry. Maven is also working on optimized publishing software to improve the entire industry. There are new innovations in content management systems that will make publishing a lot easier. By optimizing the publishing side of the business, companies can better position their content to entice readers. They can optimize all aspects of the layout to maximize profits from advertising. These simple things might not seem like much, but they will unleash the industry in the future. It is why Ross Levinsohn is focused on delivering these innovations as CEO.

Peter Briger Is A Leading Figure Behind Fortress Investment

Peter Briger is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group and is a leading businessman working in the United States. As the company’s co-chairman, Peter Briger is directly responsible for major direction changes in the company and has brought new growth and collaborations to the company over the years. Peter became the company’s co-chairman back in 2009 but is also a holder of various other titles for the company as well. Today, his major position at the company has him responsible for managing real estate and credit aspects for the company and its clients. Before taking on his reputable position at Fortress Investment, Peter Briger was building his skills and credibility at Goldman Sachs, where he spent more than a decade climbing the corporate ladder. After becoming company partner back in 1996, Peter started looking for new opportunities where the accomplishments were his and directly influenced his success and more

Peter Briger is a dedicated philanthropist as well, actively giving support to various worthwhile causes, including servicing a network of various schools around the country. Peter’s extensive experience and foundational skills were built from his time at Pennsylvania University, where he earned his masters in business administration. He also earned his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. Fortress Investment Group was founded back in 1998 by Peter and his two partners and is one of the leading investments firms in the United States today. Peter is one of the leading men responsible for Fortress Investment’s growth over the past decade, bringing in major revenue to the company even within the credit department. Peter Briger has long been coordinating strategic moves for the company that is going to increase the company’s projected growth and the ownership of Softbank is going to push things forward at an accelerated rate by allowing for more than two billion dollars to be raised for use in direct lending at the company.

Alejandro Betancourt’s Great Leadership that Has Transformed Hawkers

When Hawkers Company started operation, its main aim was to produce fashionable and high-quality sunglasses suitable for all classes. Through that, they were sure to get customers, which would help them make huge profits.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez joined Hawkers when the firm was suffering losses. He used the opportunity as the company’s president to ensure that it became one of the best globally in fashion. Mr. Lopez teamed up with other investors and added more than 56 million dollars for the company’s development.

After it had gained success in Spain, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez opened more branches in Asia, some parts of America, and Europe. He added over 20 million dollars to the company in 2018, making him have the most shares.

Mr. Lopez encouraged his workmates always to keep trying no matter what they faced in life. Since Alejandro Betancourt Lopez took over Hawkers, its growth has been remarkable. It boasts over 200 workers in the different company’s branches. So far, the company has offices in over fifty countries globally.

The company has had significant success in advertising through Facebook. Through Facebook, they have become prevalent and made most of their sales. The company is one of the highly ranked fashion companies on Facebook. The firm makes most of its sales online, which helps it sell its products at lower prices than similar ones from its competitors.

Even though the company owns almost 50 physical stores, over 90 percent of its sales happen online. The other marketing strategy that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez uses to increase sales is recruiting campus students who work as the company’s brand ambassadors. The students educate their peers about the firm’s sunglasses, and through that, the company gets more customers.

Additionally, the company chooses brand ambassadors who love sunglasses to advertise them on their social media platforms for their followers to see. The company then rewards them differently using concert tickets, plane tickets, among some others.