Caribou’s Substantial Services Pioneered by Scott Dylan

Caribou If a customer orders a gift for their loved one on their birthday, they want to know that it will arrive there safely. One way that they can ensure that is to take the tracking number that they have been provided and check the site over and over again until they see the fateful “out for delivery” tag. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this label, it does add with it a small degree of uncertainty when it comes to when a package might arrive. This is something that everyone that has ever had a package delivered understands. Its’ not pleasant, but it’s part of it. As a package delivery service, Caribou understands this as well and is working on implementing tools that will directly help clients with these common problems that are typically associated with the delivery process.

The aforementioned tool is designed to completely obliterate uncertainty and replace it with confidence. There are several features available for an app that is being implemented by the company, but the centerpiece for it is that it will allow them to see where their packages are while they are on the truck on the way to their front door. The novelty of such a thing is helpful as there are still many companies that do not offer such a service to their customers. Better thoughts about optimization are also supported through this new network creation which will lend itself to shorter wait times, increasing customer satisfaction as well.


From a technical standpoint, it is clear that Caribou’s co-creator Scott Dylan is looking towards the future. The new policies and services that the company offers all seem designed around filling the needs of people through addressing small concerns that they might have with the delivery process. Caribou has a lot to offer the individual that might be using their services but a glance at their business-themed services will show that they are attempting to brand themselves as a one-stop shop for these customers as well. Perhaps this will be the perfect combination to push Caribou into a new era of growth as people become more familiar with their service.