Leo Radvinsky: “Open Source and Borderless Tech is the Future”

Tech visionary and entrepreneur Leo Radvinsky has long been an advocate for open source software development. While many large technology firms tend to wall off their intellectual property and keep frameworks and algorithms proprietary, Radvinksy has done the opposite and invested in the open source community.

Unlike proprietary software, open source programs are not just free for users. Developers of all skill levels can make changes, expansions, mods, and hone an engine or framework’s best practices. Among the most notable of Leo Radvinsky’s investments in open source development would be B4X, the development tool kit based on the Android-native B4A authoring language. B4X is comprised of other components, such as B4i and B4J, that enable developers to easily create apps for iOS and desktop and IoT respectively.

Open source programs subsequently can develop stronger communities and user bases since the barriers to entry have vanished. In the case of B4X’s success, the platform grew significantly from a tool to port apps to different platforms to a high-end suite of development tools that simplifies cross-platform development.

In addition to making programs accessible to developers of all education levels, skill levels, and backgrounds, open source development eliminates international barriers. Anyone in the world can work on B4X and other open source programs.

As technological literacy becomes paramount for the modern world with millions of young students learning the basics of code alongside basic math and reading skills, Leo Radvinsky believes open source and borderless tech is the key to the future.

For students in developing countries who don’t have easy access to coding classes in schools or private boot camps, working on open source projects provides them with both a sense of community and opportunities for paid work. Developers who don’t have funds for professional tools, or can’t access them in their territories, can easily publish and port their own apps with B4X with no restrictions on revenue generation.

Why Peter Briger is the best as the principal at Fortress Investment Group

Most entrepreneurs who have achieved great success always say it does not come easily without working for it. If you want to enjoy the ventures, the best way is working your way up to the top. Today the investment sector has become popular, but it is not easy for everyone. You have to be dedicated to seeing the fruits of your work later. The best part is there are financial investment advisors who are always working hard to ensure that those who invest can earn from their savings. One of the best financial advisors around the world is Peter Briger who has been in the industry for decades. That is how he has acquired significant experience to help those willing to invest their money and make good returns.

He is currently at Fortress Investment Group where he is serving as the principle. He is tasked to ensure smooth operations and performance of the firm. He is passionate about his work, and this is a position he enjoys. He has also served in the board of directors and other executive positions at the company. He has been influential at the company and has used the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the many years of working at the company to shape the company and attract many customers. The main offices for the company are in New York and more

Peter Briger has always been happy to offer his services at Fortress Investment Group. His goal is to ensure the progress of the company and its expansion. When it comes to investment management, Fortress Investment has been at the top. The company offers professional services to its customers, and that is why it has attracted many clients. The reason why the firm has succeeded is that of the right leadership from experienced financial gurus like Peter Briger. Briger works with a team of experts who provide the best services to customers.

Peter Briger has been listed by Forbes as one of the most successful professionals in the United States. What has made Peter achieve such great success, is the ability to understand the market and work with other professionals to achieve success. He is also experienced having worked at Goldman Sachs for over a decade. His experience of many years have shown through the results he is getting at Fortress Investment Group. He is proving that it is possible to make everything in the industry possible as long as there is commitment.

Gordonstoun: The Rise of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the world.

Gordonstoun School, a uniquely all-around education facility based in Scotland, was where it all began.

Gordonstoun has been at the forefront of providing opportunities for young people since 1934 when it opened its doors as Britain’s first residential outdoor education center.

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Gordonstoun’s strong emphasis on developing young people as leaders and life-long learners is reflected in its motto: “There Is More in You”.

The school has always been a place where students can be curious about their environment and what they find within it.

Gordonstoun teachers encourage students to ask questions and seek answers – sometimes even if those answers don’t exist yet.

Many people familiar with Gordonstoun have heard of the facilities founding father, Dr. Kurt Hahn.

His creation of the distinguished award, in which he developed a curriculum established on the scholarly principles of the schools with Prince Philip.

Gordonstoun’s strong emphasis on outdoor education laid the foundations for Prince Philip’s lifelong love of the great outdoors.

The recognition has connected the dynamism of youthful individuals in many countries, and Gordonstoun has been at the forefront of providing opportunities for young people.

Gordonstoun is a place where students can be curious about their environment and what they find within it; teachers encourage students to ask questions and seek answers – sometimes even if those answers don’t exist yet!

The award is a lifelong belief-building program that challenges you to do things you wouldn’t normally get the chance to explore your passions and talents.

The award has been serving people worldwide for decades, with its classes giving young people confidence in themselves by encouraging them to face hurdles they never thought possible.

The school urges learners to participate in this award due to its obligation to a program that goes beyond what is taught inside the classroom.

Connect to Gordonstoun on Linkedin.com

Learn more about Gordonstoun: https://whichschooladvisor.com/uk/school-review/gordonstoun

Larry Baer’s Skilled Leadership Of The Giants

Larry Baer is a reputable sports professional, who hails from San Francisco. Baer was elected as the executive vice president of the Giants club in 1992. Previously, he had collaborated with Peter Magowan to muster a new proprietorship of the club. Interestingly, their efforts bore fruits, with the Giants remaining in San Francisco.

Due to his exceptional leadership and immense skills, Baer was chosen as the club’s chief operating officer in 1996 and the president in 2008. Baer served as a president for a few years and was promoted to the CEO seat in 2012. Consequently, the SF Giants CEO led the club to win World Series Championship two times in just three years.

In the position of CEO, Baer controls Major League Baseball alongside industry matters. Besides, he manages all the functions in the club daily. One of his top projects is the AT&T park, which has been lauded as an exceptional ballpark. The park was styled the Sports Facility of the Year in 2008 by the Sports Business Journal. Further, his leadership has led to an exponential growth in the number of fans to about three million and above 30,000 ticket holders.

The Giants CEO is a central strategist in the club’s business undertakings. For instance, he oversaw the signing of Barry Bonds in 1992 and the naming of the AT&T Park. Besides, he organized and hosted the All-Star Game in 2007. Baer instigated a pact between the club and Comcast in terms of initiating strategic partnerships. The partnership’s goal was to build a regional sports system in the Bay Area.

One of the mastermind projects under Baer’s leadership is the Mission Rock. The project aims at developing a 28-acre land from AT&T Park to McCovey Cove. It will have retail spaces, public amenities, restaurants, residential units, parks, and office spaces.

Larry Baer studied at the University of California Berkeley. Afterward, he was appointed as the Giants’ marketing director before going for further studies at Harvard Business School. Before returning to SF Giants, he worked with CBS Inc. and Westinghouse Broadcasting. Due to his exceptional performance, Baer has many awards. Some awards include the Sports Torch of Learning Award and the Civic Leadership Award.

Baer holds that beginning a day early will likely make it productive. Besides, he supports the passion young people have for social justice. Larry is a family man; thus, together with his wife, Pam, they engage widely in philanthropy. Consequently, they support Zuckerberg SFGH and Trauma Center. See this page for more information.


Additional information about Baer on https://www.crunchbase.com/person/larry-baer-16a4


Yves Mirabaud Explains How Mirabaud Group Handled The Pandemic

Over the last 200 years, the Mirabaud Group has made a name for itself as one of the best private banks in Europe. Today, it also boasts of being home to some of the best professionals in the financial sector.

Top among the professionals is Yves Mirabaud, who joined the private bank in 1993 and is now a Senior Managing Partner at Mirabaud SCA and Board Chairman at Mirabaud and Cie SA. He boasts of having worked for several top-notch financial institutions in New York, Boston, and Zurich before joining the Mirabaud Group. Yves discussed how the Mirabaud Group handled the pandemic during a recent interview.

Protecting its clients’ wealth

Yves Mirabaud mentioned that since its founding, the top priority of this exemplary Swiss private bank has been to protect its clients’ wealth. Therefore, when news of a looming pandemic hitting the world broke out, the firm quickly moved to this. Firstly, it moved all of its clients’ active investments in the market to a passive position. The Swiss banker mentioned that this meant that most of its clients’ investments were barely affected even when the market went into a downfall in March. He pointed out that several clients who only use the private bank for executions opted to remain actively invested in the markets, and the investments were drastically affected by the market downturn.

The unintended effects

This Mirabaud Group Senior Managing Partner mentioned that there were also some unintended effects of passive investing in 2020 following the pandemic. He said that since nobody how long the pandemic situation would last and how long the market turmoil would last, the private bank took a long position on its passive investments. Yves Mirabaud stated that the firm couldn’t ride on the market recovery bandwagon and missed out on the part of the profits to be heard during the season. As a result, Mirabaud Group’s earnings in 2020 profits suffered as revenues dropped by 8% compared to 2020. Refer to this article for more information.


Learn more about Yves on https://citywire.ch/news/mirabaud-records-12-aum-increase/a1547947?ref=international-switzerland-most-popular-list


Reviews For Tieks Products

When shopping for ballet flats, one of the leading brands to consider is Tieks. During the process of shopping for a pair, one of the things that you will need to consider is the price. Since the price is an important criterion for a pair of ballet flats, consumers will want to know what they are getting so that they get their money’s worth. Fortunately, there are plenty of reviews for ballet flats provided by this brand. With comprehensive reviews, consumers can find a pair that will best meet their needs.

One consumer recently purchased a pair of Tieks in 2016. She decided to take a risk and try out the brand in order to find out if they were worth the price. According to her reviews, the pair of ballet flats were worth every penny she invested. Today, she makes the ballet flats a part of her daily wardrobe.

When evaluating Tieks, there are a number of things that consumers need to consider before buying a pair. These include designs, styles, sizes, care, sales, promotions and general information about the shoes. Fortunately for consumers, the reviews available can provide valuable insight into which pair to get according to their needs and preferences.

Tieks ballet flats come in a variety of different colors and styles. You can purchase a pair in either black, white, red, blue, beige or pink. As well as the styles and colors, these ballet flats are also made of a durable material that will ensure that they last for years. While these shoes are quite expensive, they are also resilient and will allow you to enjoy for many years. So the high price will provide you with several years of quality ballet shoes. On a regular basis there are sales and promotions that allow you to get a pair at a discount. As a result, getting a pair of ballet flats from this company is worth it according to recent reviews from consumers. Refer to this page for more information.

The company relies on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach millions of customers. To remain top in the market, Tieks attracts its customers by ensuring the shoes’ quality is top-notch. All their customers get personalized handwritten notes and have free shipping and return policy for United States citizens.


Additional information about Tieks can be found on https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/tieks


Cloud Inventory Products Streamlines Global Supply Chain & Remarkably Increases Efficiency of Business Operations

Cloud Inventory Products are supply chain management solutions developed by DSI’S cutting edge technology. These products are designed with the functionalities accessible via mobile devices’ dashboards, allowing business leaders to have a hassle-free experience while managing inventory remotely. Cloud Inventory’s application gives entrepreneurs the ability to monitor inventory instantaneously from the comfort of their devices.

The solution makes it easy to account for the exact total inventory numbers available in stockrooms, field vans, and other remote storage facilities. The Field Inventory gives business owners the ability to observe how well the supplies and resources are utilized. Field Inventory Management has also merged with Salesforce’s CRM software. The unification has enhanced the effectiveness in managing field inventory.

Manufacturing Materials inventory management technology is vital in production operations. It is designed with heightened functionality to fuse seamlessly with computerizing manufacturing technologies. Cloud Inventory’s inventory-first data model allows entrepreneurs to automatically have an error-free count of the accessible production materials and oversee their usage. In addition, the solution increases the production output and enhances precision in the distribution of the final product.

The Manufacturing Materials website: ManufacturingMaterials.com gives enterprises insights on how to incorporate the application best in running the production operations in manufacturing warehouses resourcefully and remotely.

Warehouse Inventory management applications are also essential in a business. They are developed by Cloud Inventory’s first-rate customizable program aiming to meet diverse inventory needs. The software is accessible online on the interfaces of mobile devices. Thus, it makes it easy to trace inventory location and the quantity available. Data is therefore transmitted via the Warehouse Inventory applications promptly.

Notably, Cloud Inventory products are revolutionizing business operations. The products are solutions to time and resource optimization. These technology-driven products have resulted in increased quality throughput, reduced losses and consequently increased profitability of businesses in the supply chain. Refer to this article for more information.


Additional information about them can be found on www.dcvelocity.com/articles/50536-dsi-cloud-inventory-field-inventory-offers-integration-with-salesforce


CashFX: Platform to Make Trading Easier

A company called CashFX has created a platform to make trading easier.

The website is designed for beginner traders; simplified things like having an automatic stop-loss feature.

Users can also create automated trades and watch them go live in real-time.

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This means that no one will need to sit at their computer all day watching charts to get some work done!

Interestingly, this platform includes a chat section where traders can post questions or even teach other users how they are making money with trading.

This could be a great way for beginners to get started in trading and learn from more experienced traders.

Overall, this looks like it could be a very useful tool for anyone looking to trade cryptocurrencies.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

CashFX is an automatic stop-loss feature that can help protect your investment.

It also has an education center so you can continue learning about the market and making money while you sleep.

The CashFX team understands that not everyone has time to watch the markets all day long, so they have created an automatic live trade function.

You don’t even need any prior experience or knowledge of cryptocurrency trading – CashFX takes care of everything for you.

This sounds too good to be true, but it is possible with CashFX.

The team at this platform gets new users set up in minutes and trades cryptocurrencies safely, securely, and easily.

You can start trading right away and see your profits grow in real-time.

CashFX is quickly becoming a go-to platform for beginner cryptocurrency traders.

Cryptocurrencies are growing more popular by the day, and there’s no better time to get involved than now.

With CashFX, you have everything you need to make money from this exciting market – all in one place. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Ross Levinsohn is Bringing Needed Change to the Media Industry

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is the CEO of Sports Illustrated and Maven. He has career experience in media, technology and finance. Ross attended the American University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in communications. He has been the CEO of Fox Interactive Media, Guggenheim Digital Media and the Tribune Interactive. He has also been one of CNBC’s on-air contributors and worked for several renowned media brands as an advisor and strategist.

In 2019, Ross became the CEO of Sports Illustrated. Also, during 2019, Authentic Brands Group (ABG) obtained Sports illustrated. Several weeks later, ABG licensed the publication’s digital rights and print to Maven, which is a union featuring more than 300 different media brands. In the summer of 2020, Maven confirmed that Ross Levinsohn would also be its CEO.

Sports Illustrated began releasing magazines in August of 1954. The publication is one of the country’s top magazines. It has been honored with the National Magazine Award two times and featured articles about incredible athletes like Muhammad Ali and Mickey Mantle. While the publication has moved forward with the times by launching a website in 1997, its industry has transformed even more.

Ross Levinsohn is bringing change to the publishing industry by shifting Sports Illustrated away from its previous revenue-based advertising platform to one that features premium memberships. Levinsohn said, “We experienced unprecedented circumstances in 2020. We’re making forward-thinking changes to thrive in a volatile market.”

After ABG took over Sports Illustrated, the publication has experienced a major turnaround. It is profitable once again. Sports Illustrated is seeing its online readership grow. In fact, the website is now bringing in more than 38 million viewers.

Not only has Levinsohn turned things around for Sports Illustrated, but the CEO has also brought change to the media industry. For instance, he is making sure that articles are written by trusted sources. He is also focusing on ways to increase reader loyalty instead of only wooing new subscribers. Levinsohn recommends implementing retention tactics like decreasing prices for long-term subscribers and offering a print-digital bundle. This is causing other media sources to take notice.

With forward-looking people like Ross Levinsohn influencing media, the industry is sure to remain helpful and relevant.

Randy Douthit: Awards He Has Won and His Future with Upcoming Shows

Randy DouthitRandy is known for his work with Judge Judy’s TV shows, The People’s Court, and America’s Got Talent. Also, many of his awards are due to his talent for working on different comedy sketches that he has produced over the years. Randy started in Savannah College of Art and Design, where he majored in television production in December of 1987. He moved on to make different commercials by the name Merchant, Douthit, and Kline for 12 years which did very well. He later shifted his work towards animation, then eventually moving into more reality-based TV shows that he had always wanted to do.

The Judge Judy show started in 1996 and has been on the air ever since. Randy Douthit has been the executive producer for it ever since. On The Peoples Court, he was one of the producers that worked with Judge Milian to start this reality show from 1999 until 2002. America’s Got Talent is also one of the well-known works he has produced since 2006, where several different panel judges judge people’s talent.

Randy DouthitRandy is an executive producer for a new show that he will be starting in September of 2018 called “Hot Bench.” The show has three-panel judges like the old America’s Got Talent and will air roughly around the same time, but it features three judges instead of one. The show’s name comes from there being different judges on different weeks than three judges that alternate.

Randy Douthit has won several awards in his collections, including three Emmy Awards, one for the outstanding reality-competition program for America’s Got Talent. The second award he won was the same type, but it was for an outstanding reality presiding program due to America’s Got Talent. He also received an Emmy Award for being an outstanding host in reality or reality-competition shows due to his work on America’s Got Talent and hosting the show. The other awards he has won were for Judge Judy, including a Golden Apple Award and a TV Guide Award.