Alejandro Betancourt’s Great Leadership that Has Transformed Hawkers

When Hawkers Company started operation, its main aim was to produce fashionable and high-quality sunglasses suitable for all classes. Through that, they were sure to get customers, which would help them make huge profits.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez joined Hawkers when the firm was suffering losses. He used the opportunity as the company’s president to ensure that it became one of the best globally in fashion. Mr. Lopez teamed up with other investors and added more than 56 million dollars for the company’s development.

After it had gained success in Spain, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez opened more branches in Asia, some parts of America, and Europe. He added over 20 million dollars to the company in 2018, making him have the most shares.

Mr. Lopez encouraged his workmates always to keep trying no matter what they faced in life. Since Alejandro Betancourt Lopez took over Hawkers, its growth has been remarkable. It boasts over 200 workers in the different company’s branches. So far, the company has offices in over fifty countries globally.

The company has had significant success in advertising through Facebook. Through Facebook, they have become prevalent and made most of their sales. The company is one of the highly ranked fashion companies on Facebook. The firm makes most of its sales online, which helps it sell its products at lower prices than similar ones from its competitors.

Even though the company owns almost 50 physical stores, over 90 percent of its sales happen online. The other marketing strategy that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez uses to increase sales is recruiting campus students who work as the company’s brand ambassadors. The students educate their peers about the firm’s sunglasses, and through that, the company gets more customers.

Additionally, the company chooses brand ambassadors who love sunglasses to advertise them on their social media platforms for their followers to see. The company then rewards them differently using concert tickets, plane tickets, among some others.