Ross Levinsohn Steps in as CEO of Maven

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has been at the forefront of finance, technology and media since the beginning of his career, but his time with Yahoo! appears to stand out. Even so, Mr. Levinsohn was also the president of Fox Interactive Media, and this position may be the most impressive.

While Ross was with Fox Interactive Media, the digital side of the business grew because he was in control, and the company’s web properties became the most engaging that the internet has ever known.

Ross Levinsohn took his expertise in the digital arena to Guggenheim Digital Media where he became the CEO. During this time, he had the opportunity to manage several important publications, including Adweek, Billboard Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter. His first job in the digital arena came when he was hired at Sportsline.

In addition to the success that he had in the digital arena, Ross also found a home in the publishing world. He was the CEO of Tribune Interactive, a position that he was perfectly suited to assume. Tribune Interactive is the digital arm of Tribune Publishing, so Ross had the chance to be involved in publishing several newspapers. These included the New York Daily News, the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. In addition to that, Ross served as the CEO for the Los Angeles Times for a period of time.

Ross Levinsohn is also currently the CEO of Sports Illustrated.

Ross has been involved in print media, but he has been a part of live media as well. In addition to taking on duties behind the camera, Ross appeared in front of the camera for CNBC.

Ross Steps in as CEO at Maven

The ample experience that Ross had as a CEO made him a natural choice for the position of CEO of Maven. The executives with Maven wanted to pursue the world’s most important brands, and they knew that if they had a leader of Ross Levinsohn’s caliber, they would be able to do it. Ross has the experience and the ability to do what they need to be done, so choosing him to be their new CEO wasn’t a difficult choice.